It’s a new dawn. A new day. The start of something new in this big wide world we’ve created for ourselves.


Look. Sunrise. Because it’s thematic.

Yes, it’s the day a new blog is launching.

I know what you’re probably thinking. A new blog? Haven’t we completely tapped out the possibilities of such a medium? Doesn’t everyone on the planet already have at least three different blogs? Do we really need yet another person throwing their thoughts into the ether?

And, honestly, you’re probably right. But I didn’t have a blog prior to this. Or I did, but I let it slip by the wayside and fade away. Either way, this is a new start. A chance to get these new thoughts churned out in a format that might get some interaction. A long form status update, if you will.

What exactly will this blog contain? That’s still being determined. Attempts at being funny? Quite possibly. Reviews of media after it’s far too late for those reviews to be helpful? Almost definitely. Stories about my experiences in the new world of fatherhood? But of course. You can expect all of those things, and whatever else happens to grab my fancy. After all, the title is “Rhetoric for Breakfast”, and a good healthy appreciation of words and their usage is one of the most important parts of any day.

So thanks for reading, and I hope that you’ll find tidbits along the journey that you enjoy. And if I get too lost in the wilderness, throw down some bread crumbs. After all, without a path back home, this whole thing could get terrifying really quick.


Or was this the sunrise? They look so similar…