The Walking Dumb: Season 7, Episode 14 – The Other Side

Maybe it was just me, but the first few minutes of this week’s episode really had me wishing that The Walking Dead would do an entire episode without any dialogue. The opening scenes actually carried with them a certain tension, and emotion was not in short supply. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be treated to a zombie-infested version of Hush, instead being forced back into characters speaking, even in situations where those words were completely unnecessary. Alas, we’ll only have those few minutes of relative silence, and they included what certainly appeared to be a “blink and you’ll miss it” joke of sorts with Maggie’s t-shirt, as she brings Daryl food. Yes, it really does look like she’s wearing a shirt that reads “Mom’s Diner” on it.

So how did the rest of the episode play out? Well, we got to watch Gregory be even more of a general piece of garbage than we’ve seen before. Sure, he’s trying to hold on to his power and control but he has to realize how quickly things are spiraling against him. We finally got our reconciliation moment between Daryl and Maggie, where Maggie lied because it really was for the greater good. And we got to spend time with Sasha and Rosita on their grand adventure, in moments that both redeemed them as characters while conveniently (for me) making them be pretty stupid. Turns out that Rosita may not actually have any military training, instead banging her way to all of her knowledge. No, seriously, she admitted to Sasha that, with the exception of Abraham, she dated and slept with guys partially because it conveniently allowed her to learn all sorts of survival skills. Man, I’d hate to see what might have been left on The Other Side.


Via AMC.

5. Jesus

“It’s a long life, and then it isn’t”. Look, man, I get that your nickname is taken from a man whom an entire religion is based around. However, you really aren’t the type of person who should be trying to sound deep while in conversation with someone else, especially as any sort of way to dissuade them from their potentially suicidal plans. Maybe it was this exact moment that helped Sasha decide that she needed to carry through with her mission.

4. Simon

Maybe this is all part of a convoluted trap, where you’re testing how much Gregory can be trusted (hint: only as long as the Saviors are the toughest group of survivors out there), but it just seems incredibly foolish to give the man your home address. I’m fully expecting that we’ll learn that Simon didn’t actually give Gregory what he claimed, but, until that reveal, we need to accept that Gregory was given a free pass into the Savior compound, which is about the worst thing to give to someone as spineless as Gregory is. And that’s without having any knowledge that people are starting to rally around the idea of eliminating the Saviors.

3. Gregory

Oh, you incredible suck-up. Sure, you’ve now got Simon’s note, and a sweet crate full of aspirin, but you have to be aware that any control you once held is being whittled away by the mere presence of Maggie and the others. You’re just going to keep making it worse by trying to assert small levels of control over the rest of the Hilltop community. But you think it’s all going to be fine, as was proven by your threat to Jesus. Except it wasn’t a threat. Because you just enacted Schrodinger’s Douchebag.

2. Daryl

Count your blessings that you and Maggie were able to get into the root cellar before the Saviors found you. This moment of survival allowed you and Maggie to finally have a heart-to-heart about Glenn, where you apologized, she pretended it wasn’t your fault so that she could actually move on and keep you as an ally, and then you hugged it out. Oh, but remember when Roy came down into the root cellar? When the two of you were incredibly well hidden from barely prying eyes? If it hadn’t been for Maggie being in the cellar with you, there would have been a dead Savior, and a whole lot of dead Hilltop residents. Good thing she stayed your hand, because it was about to get extra bloody.

1. Sasha

What point does Sasha get dinged for? The random car fire? The moment where she and Rosita completely bailed on Maggie, despite stating that Maggie was incredibly important for the Hilltop? Not taking the shot at Negan when she actually had a relatively clear one? Her sacrifice, after failing to spring Eugene from the Saviors’ grasp? Or how about the “everybody get just BARELY more than an arm’s length away from each other as we practice knife fighting”? Really, this was not a shining episode for Sasha, even if it was one where she was finally given moments to flesh out her current character. At least she had Enid admitting that she was going to give Sasha only 10 minutes before letting Maggie know that she was going after Negan.

That does it for this week. Only two more episodes to go before we bid a fond farewell to this group of survivors, and have to return to hate-watching Fear the Walking Dead. Maybe this will be the season where Nick finally snaps, kills off everyone, and the big reveal is that Strand and Daniel have been living peacefully in Tijuana. Hey, I can have hope, right?


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