The Walking Dumb: Season 7, Episode 5 – Go Getters

Welcome to the point in the seventh season where we’re just going to throw some absolutely ridiculous scenes at the screen, and expect that the audience is going to just go along with them. I mean, seriously. The show has been largely embroiled with the new conflict, displaying just how dangerous Negan and his crew is. We’re taking a step to visit the Hilltop community and check in on Maggie. So, while we’re doing that, let’s just drop a couple of completely silly moments into the episode, and then just pretend that we’ve had spots like this all along.

Look, I’m definitely one for ridiculous with my scares. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite films, and I tend to find unintentional comedy in scenes that shouldn’t have a laugh (although I have yet to find any intentional comedy in Napoleon Dynamite, but I’m apparently in the minority there). All of that said, the roller skating scene? Just ludicrous, and that’s even with ignoring the pure chance that Carl and Enid would find the exact RIGHT SIZE of skates laying in a random, abandoned suitcase. Oh, and just in case we forgot that Maggie was a farmer’s daughter, we got her wonderful tractor scene (anyone else reminded of the zamboni scene from Deadpool?), and the later admission that she’s done that before. So, yeah. Silly for the sake of silly, which might have worked had the show regularly devolved into sillier moments like that on a regular basis. Instead, it just feels like these Go Getters were being used somewhat to poke fun at the audience for accepting everything thrown at them.


Via AMC.

5. Enid

Really, Enid almost doesn’t deserve to be put here, given that we know she’s got a pretty messed-up world view. However, as she’s off riding her bicycle from Alexandria to Hilltop (how close are these communities, any way?), she sees a relatively fresh patch of blood. Enid is a survivor, and she has largely accomplished this by being smart about her actions, and using stealth to her advantage. Naturally, this character who actually has some levels of hyper-vigilence would get off of her bicycle and start wandering slowly, practically encouraging a walker attack. Next time, Enid, just keep riding.

4. Carl

After fighting with his dad over the lack of movement to fight back against Negan, Carl does what any other teenager who just watched his girlfriend hop a wall to maneuver through zombie-infested wilderness would do; he steals a car and goes after her. Except Carl has no depth perception. And no license. And probably hasn’t really had time to truly learn how to drive a car. While his actions do end up saving Enid from a walker, he also proceeds to wreck his mode of transportation. Looks like he gained his driving skills from his mother.

3. Gregory

Oh, Gregory. It makes sense why you’d be upset with the Alexandrians over Negan ramping up his efforts. But there’s no call for taking a pocket watch off of the grave marker off of Glenn’s grave, especially with his widow currently recovering in your community. Like you really need to know when it’s exactly 1:27pm.

2. Carl

Back to the one-eyed wonder. After abandoning Alexandria (hopefully after at least letting Judith’s babysitter know), he and Enid make it all the way to Hilltop. They even arrive as the Saviors are busy raiding the community. At this point, Carl strikes upon a plan to try and help everyone. Except for the fact that he is concocting this plan with another teenager, and they’re looking at a group of Saviors that’s relatively large, an incredibly well-armed. Oh, and it was clearly shown earlier in the episode that Carl’s aim is off, which actually makes him a detriment in any combat. Thankfully, Enid chooses to use her skills to get herself into Hilltop safely, and Carl returns to Alexandria. Oh, wait, no, he climbs into the back of the Saviors delivery truck. Alone. With only one eye. Clearly the kid has a death wish at this point, and doesn’t even realize it.

1. Gregory

With that, we return to Gregory, the man who was leading the Hilltop (although, it does seem that his version of leading was a kinder version of what Negan’s been doing, since he’s clearly got himself outfitted with trappings of wealth for the community). In fact, Gregory is so desperate to cling to what he’s determined “normal” that he is willing to sacrifice a sick, pregnant women to Negan’s men, and is only thwarted by Jesus outsmarting him. When Negan’s men find Gregory’s scotch, that is the moment where Gregory almost fights back. Over scotch, not people. Listen, Gregory, you may have kept Hilltop in existence, but you’re treading on thin ice when you start talking about kicking out the only people who kept you safe in the walker attack . Maybe he should just get into a car and start driving. Just stay away from Maggie and tractors.

That wraps up this week’s episode. Let’s take some time this week to look at what we’re thankful for, and then come back to check out Swear. After all, the midseason break is coming sooner than we might realize, and it would be a shame to make it there without carbing up first.


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