Fear It!: Season 2, Episode 13 – Date of Death

Good news, everyone! Turns out that we don’t have two more weeks of Fear the Walking Dead to get through before a short palate-cleansing break and the return of the main show. It’s only one more week! Admittedly, that one week includes two episodes crammed together into a 2-hour season finale, but hey, if we can survive the political debates, we can make it through two hours of these characters.

More good news! Travis is back in the fold! The one who has been the most adamant on refusing to understand just how the world has changed has returned to the larger group, so that he can proceed to mess things up for everyone else. Because of this week’s episode featuring so much of Travis, we were given a break from Nick, and got a lot of moralizing. In the long run, it’s okay, though. We need to ramp up our moralizing before we’re confronted with Negan and Lucille in a couple of weeks. Besides, this was all about the Date of Death, and we’re once again given plenty of stupidity to scatter throughout the list, even if it is predominantly skewed towards one character.



5. Travis

One of the simplest mistakes that Travis made is honestly one of the most understandable, especially for a parent. When Chris comes to him expressing remorse and claiming to understand what Travis was trying to teach him, Travis actually falls for it hook, line, and sinker, and goes in for the hug that allows him to be subdued. As a parent, you honestly want to always assume the best about your children. I’d like to think, however, that once my kid became a clear sociopath playing along the “chaotic greedy” scale, there might be a moment of hesitation. Travis saw Chris shoot a man in cold blood, and still thought that there was a chance for redemption, and that’s just dumb, even if it does come from an emotionally logical place.

4. Brandon and Crew

Hey, guys. You’ve got this sprawling piece of land, which certainly looks secure from the infected. It’s on high ground, and there aren’t any other people immediately around, thanks to Chris. Plus, there were a bunch of chickens in the farm, which means that, with a little bit of planning and gardening, you’ve got a pretty self-sustainable source of food. Just as long as you don’t, oh, eat the chickens straight up. When even Travis is scolding you about the choices you made for meals, you should know you’ve done something wrong. Sure, maybe have a chicken or two right away, as a treat, but you’re going to run out of protein fast if you just go for wings every meal.

3. Travis

When Travis finally leaves the farm, he does so on foot. Fine. He can travel overland this way, and he doesn’t necessarily have to worry about people coming along to try and steal the vehicle or gas from him. But what else does he do? He walks off seemingly unarmed. Maybe he’s got a knife or something, but he was just at a farm, with plenty of tools and farming implements. At least a few of those would be good to use as melee weapons in a pinch. In fact, a lot of them have a pretty decent reach, which also helps keep the infected at more than an arm’s reach. It’s almost like he was kind of hoping to die on his journey.

2. Madison

We are starting to see what happens when Madison decides to sacrifice everything on the merest thought that Nick might be alive. Sure, it brought her back Travis, but there’s also now a seemingly steady stream of people trying to make it to the hotel, looking for refuge (hey, Brandon!), and Madison certainly can’t have helped the situation by getting the gate opened up just enough for Travis to come inside. Oh, and lets not forget that she’s got one of her children with her, and that one child is probably the only person who wouldn’t think of throwing her mother to the wolves. That is, all until Madison admits that she was lying about the death of Nick and Alicia’s father. Sure, this could be a great moment that causes the two to bond together stronger than ever. Or it could be the tipping point that makes Alicia decide to cut ties, and try to protect the hotel by removing the most volatile element within. There were better moments for Madison to drop this truth bomb, and they pretty much all vanished when the family had to escape the military encampments.

1. Travis

Oh, Travis. Oh, oh, Travis. You don’t carry weapons to protect yourself. You believe that Chris can be redeemed. But what’s the biggest thing you did wrong? How about not leaving when you saw things go sideways at the very start? Sometimes you have to strike out on your own, and just hope for the best for others. As soon as Chris killed Elias, that would’ve been a good time. Instead, you lingered long enough trying to help save Baby James that now Brandon and his crew could honestly see you as a liability. Sure, you aren’t with them now, but that’s because they abandoned you, not the other way around. Again, this is just Travis refusing to actually accept the new reality of his world, but something has to get through to him at some point, right?

That leaves us with only one more week of Fear left before we take our breather. Two episodes, entitled Wrath and North respectively, will round out the second season. At this point, all we’re waiting for is the return of Daniel somehow, and whether or not Madison actually owns up at all for her mistakes that created the crush of people outside of the hotel gates. Guess we’ll all find out when the 2-hour finale airs.


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