Fear It!: Season 10, Episode 11 – Pablo & Jessica

Guys, I’m actually somewhat conflicted after this week’s episode. See, I set out to make fun of the stupid decisions that the characters make every week, and then this week goes out and actually presents some of them concocting a pretty decent plan. Even more to the point, they pulled it off almost exactly the way they intended to. Don’t the writers know that doing this really throws off my personal style?

Don’t worry, though. Even though Madison’s plan worked out pretty well, and even though it was a plan that actually deserves merit, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t moments of stupidity scattered throughout the episode. The biggest thing that seems to separate this show from its parent is the large cast of characters not normally seen on television in the United States. It certainly isn’t the overall intelligence of the main characters. Now, since we got to experience Pablo and Jessica a little bit more, let’s dive in and see who took a departure from intelligence over the course of the hour.


Via AMC.

5. The Showrunners

So this week’s episode opens with a flashback. However, it isn’t a flashback like last week, taking us back to the beginning of the whole infection and showing us characters we didn’t know. Instead, it took us back to a couple of weeks ago in our own viewing, and focused on Strand and Madison. It felt like there was an attempt to heighten some of the tension about how they actually escaped from the bar, except for one key thing; WE KNOW THEY ESCAPED FROM THE BAR AND ARE JUST FINE. It took what could have been a cool moment and turned it into little more than a time waster.

4. Alejandro

True, in the end this will probably help out the people of the colonia, but maybe, just maybe, letting an admitted junkie play around with your pharmaceuticals isn’t the best plan. At least he made a point of hanging out near Nick the entire time, and even took part in cutting the medicine (with evaporated milk?) to help prolong the supply, but it just seemed like an odd choice for this pharmacist to make. Oh, wait, it was just an excuse for SuperJunkie to show off how super his particular junkie-fu is.

3. Alicia

This one’s apparently been a long time coming, but Alicia is still walking around with her cell phone? If she had retrieved one from the hotel, it might be forgivable, but it felt like the implication was that this is Alicia’s phone. True, phones aren’t heavy, but at this point, you have to believe that there’s not only no cell service anywhere, but that Alicia’s battery has long gone by the wayside. Unless we’re going to see apocalyptic Instagram posts, which I’d actually be totally okay with.

2. Madison

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Madison’s plan to clear the walkers out of the hotel was actually a pretty genius one, and it went pretty smoothly. The question here is whether or not it’s a great idea to make a plan like this that requires trusting others, when she herself admitted that she doesn’t trust anyone other than Alicia. Admittedly, she didn’t have a lot of options as to what else she COULD have done in this situation, given her choice to make the hotel a safe zone to live in, but maybe she should have coerced someone else into being the person on the pier needing to dive into the water.

1. Oscar

Look, I get it. There’s been a terrible outbreak, and it happens to coincide with your wedding day. Your beautiful bride was one of the victims. You and what remains of your wedding party have holed up in the hotel that the wedding was going to take place. But is it really the best idea to keep your deceased wife around in the honeymoon suite? Aside from the supplies you’ve potentially locked yourself off from, you now have to have a constant reminder of what should have been the best day of your life, turned quickly into the worst. The other big problem? We already saw a storyline about a zombified loved one thanks to the Governor and his daughter, so we don’t need to rehash. It’s good that Strand has made sure that this isn’t going to linger, but it’s just another example of Fear cribbing liberally from the show that came first, and not doing it as well.

That does it for this week, but there’s more upcoming, of course. We’ll see if Luciana and Nick will be Fear’s Glenn and Maggie, or if one of the two is short for the apocalypse after making their own little love connection. We’ll also get to see Madison taking even more charge of the situation, which will undoubtedly endear her to everyone in the hotel even further. As for Travis and Chris, well, let’s just pretend that they haven’t appeared at all in the second half of this season, and maybe leave it that way.


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