Fear It: Season 2, Episode 9 -Los Muertos

After a completely Nick-centric episode, we were clearly bound to get an episode focusing on the other characters of the series, right? We wouldn’t see Nick at all, in order to build suspense for his next appearance. After all, if you’re going to crib from your parent show, why not crib that particular narrative technique?

All of that is forgetting one key element. Nick is this show’s Rick Grimes, without the utter confusion about where Carl is. Nick is this show’s Daryl Dixon, without the redeeming qualities that have made him a fan favorite. Nick is going to be the ultimate hero of Fear the Walking Dead, and he is SuperJunky. That isn’t to say that there are other characters who deserve the spotlight more, but Nick is definitely the one that we’re going to follow through this particular version of the world. And when the world is filled with Los Muertos, the brain ends up taking a predictable path, as well.


Via AMC.

5. Alicia

So, early on in the episode, Alicia does the exact thing that we’ve seen repeatedly on these shows, and the exact thing that makes experienced gaming groups flinch. She splits the party, taking Ofelia away from Madison and Strand as they go off to explore their way through the hotel. However, it’s later in the episode that we’re focusing on, because after discovering that there’s still hot water, Alicia decides to take a shower. Makes sense, since she’s probably ready to get a good clean going, but she also decided to do so after having a quick talk with Ofelia, where she learned that her companion may just be growing tired of trying to survive. Now she’s trapped alone in a hotel, high up in the building, and seemingly with every possible exit closed off by the dead. At least she could have had a companion to go out with.

4. Nick

After Luciana decided to take Nick on her supply run with her, she implored him to not talk. In fact, she made it clear that him talking would be something she might just have to retaliate against. Naturally, Nick keeps his mouth shut, right? Oh, wait, when he’s the only person who’s unarmed in the situation he decides that he is just going to ignore his only instruction. If Luciana didn’t need someone else to push a cart, Nick might not have made it. Thanks, plot line life jacket!

3. Madison

Admittedly, you’re slogging through the apocalypse, and you’re going to get thirsty. When you find an open bar that’s actually stocked, you’re probably going to want to have a drink. But Madison decided to take what was one simple drink and turn it into almost a drinking challenge between herself and Strand. Just goes to show that you don’t want to give a Southern belle a martini, and you certainly want to keep the tequila out of reach. At least, you want to make sure to do those things there are zombies all over.

2. Strand

The whole drinking thing was started by Strand seeing the bar and deciding that he just had to mix a martini. It was ended by Strand and Madison deciding to literally make as much noise as possible, despite not knowing how close the walkers were. Oh, and did we mention that they were both completely trashed by that point? Yes, both were missing their lovers, and it makes the desire to have a drink or two somewhat understandable, but come on, Victor. You’ve actually shown yourself to be incredibly capable throughout so much of the stuff that’s happened around you, and you forget even the most basic of rules you’ve established simply because there’s some good gin?

1. Nick

Already making the list once, Nick finds himself on it again. This time, it revolves around his actions at the supermarket. Surrounded by a gang who are heavily armed, Nick and Luciana hear that only one cart is being provided now, instead of the usual two. Again, heavily outnumbered and outgunned, Nick clearly decided to toe the line and act appropriately, of course. Appropriate for Nick is attempting to take a non-essential item, and, after getting scolded by Luciana for it, he then decided that it would just be better to try and shoplift it. Oh, and he then antagonized the supermarket gang, thereby potentially drawing the Colonia into a conflict that they aren’t equipped for.

That does it for this week. Next week looks like we’ll be gifted with more of Travis and Chris, which will encapsulate the remainder of the group from the Abigail. I mean, except for Daniel, but the last we saw of him was around a giant fireball. Doesn’t look good, unless he’s the Glenn Rhee of this show.


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