Fear It!: Season 2, Episode 5 – Captive

Well, it took almost a season and a half, but maybe, just maybe, Madison, Travis, and the rest of the family are starting to figure some things out about their new existence. Strand and Daniel have seemed to have a handle on things, but anyone who isn’t either of those two (who should really go off on their own, and have a buddy adventure going across the country before they meet up with Daryl Dixon) has been relatively slow on the uptake, at least when it comes to approaching others. Now, it’s entirely possible that they haven’t really learned anything, and it’s simply the fact that Travis and Alicia have been taken from them that prompts them to cross some boundaries that they never would have considered before, but it was actually refreshing to see a little bit of deviousness come to play.

Look, I’m certainly not an advocate for the notion that in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, everyone needs to be absolutely terrible to outsiders, but I do think that there’s a level of caution that would certainly be founded. Now, with our original blend cast, they’ve clearly had a lot longer to deal with the world, and they’ve met more people who really are outright awful. They should be expected to approach just about anyone they meet with guns at the ready. Our Fear cast, however, is still just feeling things out, and they have yet to really use caution, instead still believing that there’s a lot of goodness out there in people. They’re being proven wrong, and it’s causing them to display some darker ploys, but we’ll just have to see if caution is going to start creeping into their actions, or if it only appears when one is taken Captive.


Via AMC.

5. Madison

Madison has a plan. Sure, it’s a plan that requires going into unfamiliar territory, where her family is outnumbered, and possibly launching an attack to get Alicia and Travis back. Now, this plan would have a tough time succeeding even if Madison and family actually had combat training, which they don’t. In fact, the member of the family most willing to undertake the entire scheme, and probably the most willing to actually survive, is Nick, and Madison doesn’t want to let him anywhere near the completion. Sure, you could say that she’s simply being an overprotective mother, but Nick has actually proven his survival skills, but let’s just ignore those moments. Clearly we should send the middle-aged mom, because she’ll make sure everything goes according to plan through sheer disdain for anyone who would take her family from her.

4. Alicia

This episode tried to take the blame off of Alicia, by saying that Alex, with an understandable grudge, is actually the one who gave them up. Yeah, except that Alex was merely corroborating what Alicia had told Jack. So what does Alicia do in this episode? She tries to escape, only to get confronted by Jack, and the two concoct a plan to get her back to her family. Jack, the guy who was on the other end of the radio, and forced Alicia and family to have to try and run in the first place. Jack, the guy who got her and Travis brought away from the rest of the group. So Jack, naturally, says he’s willing to go along with her plan, and asks if she trusts him. Alicia immediately says no, right? Yeah, just kidding, guys. She still totally trusts him, because he’s pretty or something, I guess? There’s then a moment that gets awfully close to a kiss, because everything that Jack did should clearly lead to romantic tension.

3. Jack

Speaking of Jack, there’s a whole lot that could have been avoided if Jack had been a little less blinded by Alicia overall. Sure, it doesn’t sound like he was responsible for Alicia being treated to a little steak dinner, but he did want her aboard the ship, and he seemingly took it upon himself to try and give her a job so that she would be useful in Connor’s eyes. And sure, she’d probably end up being great on the radio, luring people in. But maybe keep her from the radar for a little while longer. At least until AFTER the Abigail should have been emptied and brought back. Oh, and if you’re trying to keep a girl, you certainly don’t refer to her family as “those people”. That’s just stupid.

2. Chris

Chris almost ruined the entire plan that Madison was putting together. No, he wasn’t aware that she was going to make an exchange of Reed for Travis and Alicia, but he had to think that there was a chance that the rest of the boat might want to keep Reed alive for awhile. After all, Chris did watch Daniel patch Reed up as best he could. Aside from that, Chris was also taught how to destroy the walkers, and he got a very close, hands-on experience at the plane wreckage. So, after only shooting part of Reed’s jaw off because “he was gonna turn”, and messing up just enough that he guaranteed Reed would, but he wandered away, a new corpse with complete brain left behind.

1. Daniel

Daniel allowed Chris to guard Reed’s room without any safeguards. Enough said.

That does it for this week. Has our jolly crew, clearly aboard much longer than a three-hour tour, learned anything? Or was the delivery this week just a mere aside, and they’re planning on returning to asking Strand to help every stranded group out there? Time will tell.


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