Fear It!: Season 2, Episode 1 – Monster

Well, this week Fear the Walking Dead made its triumphant return to our television screens, picking up right where we’d left off. It was comforting to be able to see Negan drop Lucille onto… wait, no. Scratch that. Different “where we left off”. Instead Fear the Walking Dead picked up right before what is honestly probably one of the smartest decisions in all of the Walking Dead universe, as the survivors were heading to Strand’s boat. See, this Strand guy actually seems to have some sort of a clue, and he’s working to keep his select group of people alive. Unfortunately for him, this is still a Walking Dead show, and the rest of the group is going to do what they can to make sure to ruin everything he’s trying to establish to satiate their own stupidity.

It didn’t take long, either. The title of the episode could clearly be used to describe different characters, depending on which perspective was being considered. For much of the group, Strand clearly fits the bill, since he isn’t willing to extend a helping hand to any more than who he already has. Or is it Travis, at least in Chris’s eyes? Of course, there’s a bigger threat looming. There always is. It’s entirely possible that new threat is the ral Monster.



5. Chris

Chris has a problem. He just lost his mother, and the act was carried out by his father. It does make some sense that he’d be traumatized and want to stay near Liza’s body. However, absolutely no sense of self-preservation kicked in when the horde of walkers was approaching? And to think, most parents can’t get their teenagers to stay put.

4. Travis

Travis makes a couple of mistakes, although both stem from a caring place. The first problem is bringing Liza’s body aboard the yacht. While Travis clearly believes what Liza said about stopping the reanimation, he has no real direct knowledge and may be endangering everyone just to give a burial at sea. Also, carrying her body would certainly slow down his progress to the boat, and the oncoming horde was mentioned above. As for the second thing, dude, let your son blow off some steam. Maybe if he had, Chris wouldn’t have jumped overboard.

3. Madison

Madison has a very underdeveloped sense of self-preservation. She wants to save everyone, no matter what danger that might put her into, despite the fact that she has plenty of first-hand experience with the reanimated dead. If Strand hadn’t put his foot down, you know Madison would’ve found a way to rescue all of the castaways, despite there clearly not being enough room or supplies for the current occupants for too long. Sometimes you’ve gotta look out for number one, but Madison doesn’t seem to know who that is.

2. Nick

Chris jumped overboard, and Nick is the one to dive in after him. All well and good, but would it have killed him to strip off the old-man jacket, at least? It’s not like he didn’t have it off earlier, and while he may be an Olympic-level swimmer, the added weight can’t be helpful. Even when the “rescue” goes fine, Nick insists on swimming further, through a flotilla of walkers, and into the capsized ship. Great, you got their log book. You also almost got your face bit off. Although even the zombie seemed to pause. Maybe a detoxing addict smells terrible, even to a zombie.

1. Alicia

Everything that happened at the end of the episode is Alicia’s fault. She gets tasked to monitor the radio, which is just fine. Or it would be, if she bothered to tell anyone else about some of the transmissions coming through, both distress and other. Instead, she not only keeps the information to herself, she gets into a little flirty conversation with a complete unknown on the other end of the radio. Completely trusting, Alicia gives away important details, which seems to be setting up the yacht for a collision course. Looks like she’s adamant about taking after her mother.

So we’re left wondering jusr how much time this family has left aboard Strand’s yacht. Clearly not too much longer, since the season preview showcased them fighting on a beach. It’s really too bad, because they’re going to have to leave behind probably the safest place they could have found. Although, if they’d stayed on the yacht, we’d be forced to suffer through these people in an enclosed space, so maybe this time, stupidity us actually merciful.


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