The Walking Dumb: Season 6, Episode 12 – Not Tomorrow Yet

Hey guys! Did everyone see the Johnny Depp cameo? One of those “blink and you might miss it” moments? Something that was just kind of tucked in and people who did catch it (or were part of the production) got to pat themselves on the back for? Yeah, me neither, but the internet made a point of letting me know that I’d missed it, so that’s been remedied.

As for the rest of the episode, this was kind of an interesting one. Within the world of The Walking Dead, we’re hearing about how evil and terrible Negan is. Even while hearing about how awful this man is, the actions carried out by Rick and his crew should certainly leave fans with an awful taste in their mouth. After all, these are the good guys, and there’s no question that what they did was certainly more along the villainous side. It may turn out to be necessary, but Rick was simply acting on the word of someone else he had just met. It was uncomfortable and brutal in the presentation, and suddenly Morgan has shifted from an idealistic but unreasonable voice to one that you wonder if Rick should be dismissing so quickly. But that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves. After all, it’s Not Tomorrow Yet.


Via AMC.

5. Eugene

Eugene has what is probably the worst timing in the world. And, after CLEARLY hearing Abraham and Rosita, he was there to offer support, right? Oh, wait, no. Instead of support, he wanted to make sure Rosita had tried one of Carol’s cookies. Although, maybe it was the closest Eugene could think of to replace a carton of ice cream and a spoon.

4. Tara

Tara had a rough conversation with Denise before going on Rick’s raid. During that conversation, she dropped the “l” word (no, I mean “love” you guys) for the first time, which is a pretty big moment. Sure she did it to not have to admit to Denise that she has done raids like Rick’s before, and maybe even that she kinda gets a kick out of killing people. So where did Tara make her misstep? How about feeling the need to unburden herself to Gabriel? Specifically with Jesus and a couple of other Hilltoppers in the car, acting as reinforcements just in case? While Gabriel has been starting to prove himself worthy (that time jump did him wonders), confirming to any from Hilltop that maybe Rick isn’t the only one worse than Negan.

3. Rick

Rick concocts a pretty solid plan, honestly. A raid under the cover of darkness, picking off people in the compound one-by-one, trying to secure any weaponry before the Saviors can use it against them. Actual strategy is used by Rick when coming up with the plan. Sure, he made it clear that the town had a say in whether or not the raid happened, all while also making it clear that they didn’t really have a choice if they wanted to eat. Actually, let’s analyze that. You’re not too terribly long from retaking Alexandria from the one-two punch of walkers and the Wolves. You’ve been thrust into a leadership role because of some very big deaths. So your first big order of business is to ask the town whether or not they should amass to kill a bunch of bad guys? Bad guys that you only know are bad because of word-of-mouth (sure, the Abraham/Daryl/Sasha run-in happened, and Rick had to know about it, but still?), with a town that it’s easy to believe that more than a few don’t yet trust you. But hey, just keep reminding people that “this is how we eat”. Just don’t pretend everyone gets a say when it’s clear they don’t. That’s how we have elections now.

2. Abraham

Abraham makes a couple of mistakes along the course of the episode. After all, despite being one of the more highly trained members of the task force, it was Abraham’s lack of properly clearing rooms, and taking his eyes off of doors along the way, that lead to the fire alarm being pulled, and the Saviors being alerted. Maybe Abraham was just too busy checking out Sasha, but you’d think he would have tried to be a little more aware of his surroundings, given his previous run-in with Negan’s group. But what was Abraham’s bigger mistake? How about breaking up with Rosita the night before going on a major raid, and specifically a raid that requires everyone be at their most level-headed? Literally, the only thing that makes sense is that Abraham was hoping to get a clean slate before the raid, and before admitting feelings to Sasha. However, with Rick’s plan, not only was there a need to not be overly emotional, but Abraham knew he’d be spending a good deal of time near Rosita, at least while waiting for the raid to actually start. At least he didn’t break up with her in the RV. That would’ve been guaranteed to be awkward.

1. Maggie

What on earth is Maggie doing on this raid? No, seriously, why is she there? Her desire to be there is totally understandable. After all, the last time that her husband left the compound on one of Rick’s plans, he didn’t come back right away, so she would be understandably concerned. But there is absolutely NO reason why she should be part of the raid, and the only person who seems to realize that is Carol. Maggie is being pushed towards a diplomatic role, so keeping her out of combat just for that reason would make more sense. More importantly, Maggie, or the unborn child inside of her, represents an even greater level of hope for the future than Judith does. This is a child conceived by people who found themselves only because of the plague of walkers, and by people who have survived seemingly insurmountable odds. This baby could represent hope for so many people, and Maggie willingly putting herself, and her unborn child, in danger is just plain dumb, and shows that she isn’t thinking of anyone other than her own wishes at that moment. Maggie had recently been much more pragmatic, but that all went out the window when Rick concocted a plan to flat out murder a group of potential enemies.

That wraps up everything in a nice, tidy bow for another week. Negan now has a reason for revenge, which means our current cast could be getting smaller. Only 4 more episodes to go in this season, which is definitely showing us not only a larger world, but one where the line between good and evil is getting even more blurred.

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