The Walking Dumb: Season 6, Episode 7 – Heads Up

Sure, we had some time between being left with a big mystery, but this time The Walking Dead didn’t take a full season to answer our questions for us. We can all rest easy now that we know the truth.

Enid is alive and well.

Oh, yeah, and that Glenn guy seems to be doing okay for himself, too.

Now that we’ve gotten the big questions taken care of, we can rest easy and move on to getting the story moving again. After revealing the truth about Glenn, there’s no way that the show is going to spend ANOTHER hour meandering aimlessly through random story, trying to build a bridge big enough to lead us into the mid-season finale. That just wouldn’t make much sense, because it’s an incredible slow-down, even for those that are binge-watching.

That sounds great, but that isn’t what we got. What we got instead was more tension-building. Sure, there were some moments where activity started perking up, and not all of our characters made it through without a scare, but it was still a relatively consequence-free episode. That is, of course, until the very end, which pretty much confirmed that there’s no way we’re making it through the mid-season without seeing a lot of action sequences. But that ending. This is why we have to keep our Heads Up.


Via AMC.

Since we had another quiet, story-driven episode, we clearly weren’t going to have too much stupid to wade through, right? Yeah, about that… here’s this week’s list!

5. Enid

She’s just a small town girl, living in a zombie-infested world. And she’s actually done pretty well for herself, as we saw when we got more of her backstory in “JSS”. And yet, she clearly hasn’t learned about how to toss water down to someone below her. There were plenty of places she could have aimed the bottle for a soft landing, and instead, she was careless and let it hit the concrete, shattering the cap and letting it spill all over the place. No wonder Glenn was willing to leave her behind.

4. Eugene

Yes, Eugene, you’re scared. Everyone’s scared. It’s part of the reality of your new existence. But, first off, when Rosita (and a bunch of others) are around you practicing how to use a machete, maybe you should try a little harder to pay attention? Also, as someone who has admitted to being fairly useless in a fight, maybe you shouldn’t be bailing on weapons training entirely. Sure, you made clearly made amends later, but this really could come back to bite you in the ass, potentially literally.

3. Carl

On the flip side of weapons training and a willingness to stick around, we’ve got Ron, who’s been a little too eager to get a gun into his hands. But hey, he’s got Rick willing to teach him the ropes, because, while the guy may not trust the residents of Alexandria in a fight, he is also terrible at reading the motives of someone asking for a weapon (wait, is Rick our fill-in for America?), and he’ll happily show Ron the ropes. He’ll even make sure to let Carl help, who, instead of actually being helpful, proceeds to give advice in possibly the most smart-assed, dickish way he possibly could have. We all know that Ron has no love lost for Carl, but a little kindness when giving the advice might have gone a long way. This is why Carl should forever stay in the house.

2. Rick

Where there’s one Grimes, there’s often another. Rick’s inability to sense motives has already been touched on, but let’s look at Rick’s actions around the wall. He tells Ron that they shouldn’t do target practice because they don’t want the walkers to gather around one spot on the wall. Not much later, Rick was getting busy reinforcing the wall, and doing so with a hammer and nails. Against a metal wall. Also, he’s been trying to at least make it look like he’s willing to work with the Alexandrians, keeping his distrust of them locked down to only the members of his group. That is, until Tara needs to jump in to save one, and Rick berates her for risking her life to save one of “them”. In front of a group of “them”. That’s not going to make for some awkward pillow talk with Jessie.

1. Spencer

Spencer was trying to do right by everyone. He wanted to be a helper, so he decided that he was going to find a way to get a vehicle all on his own, in an attempt to draw the herd away. Well, he DID succeed in drawing the herd, but not away, and it almost cost him more than a shoe. Look, Spencer, points for at least trying something, but you’re someone who was left behind when Rick took the group for his initial “empty the quarry” plan, and you also weren’t too terribly effective during the Wolves attack, although you did ensure that the truck didn’t take down the gate right away (kind of a moot point now, that). Maybe run your idea by someone who’s got a little more experience dealing with the walkers, or at least make sure that you’ve got someone specifically watching your back. You got lucky, but you were mere moments away from being the next piece of lunch.

That does it for this week, folks. We’ve got one more episode until we hit our mid-season break, and there’s no way that we’re going to be left with another quiet hour. Expect big things, as the gang gets put back together, probably just in time for some of them to get torn apart.


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