The Nugget Chronicles: An Adjustment

I just recently spent 6 consecutive days away from Nugget and Mama. It’s the longest streak of days that I’ve been away from the both of them since Nugget was born. Sure, it could have been slightly shorter, but I made the silly decision that I wanted to drive from the north of the country to the south, and I also wanted to swing over to see family living in that particular state. So, 6 days it was. Over those six days, Nugget saw her schedule change dramatically, as she went from her usual schedule of waking up late and spending the time hanging out with me, to waking up early (for her, which is still apparently late for her age group) and spending the time hanging out at daycare. As social as she is, she actually loves these days. Sure, if given a choice she’d rather spend her time with her parents, but she’ll pretty happily take a day enjoying the company of other kids, too.

So, when I returned late Tuesday night, I expected that things would be a little off for a couple of days, as she got used to me being around again, but I figured that she’d adjust back to her sleep schedule pretty quickly. True, she still had to wake up earlier than previously, due to music classes, but I still figured that it would be me waking her up, and her fighting it the entire way.

Nope. So much nope.

Apparently spending six days with only Mama as the parent has caused Nugget to start adjusting closer to Mama’s schedule. So, the last couple of days, a small child who usually doesn’t see single digits in the a.m. hours, unless she’s STILL awake from the previous night, has actually been out of bed and ready to engage the world before the clock has even ticked to eight. The timing is very specific, too, because it gives her a chance to spend some extra time with Mama before she goes to work, and then she gets the time to hang out with me the rest of the day. Plus, she’s been nicely awake and aware for her music classes the past two days, so there hasn’t been a concern that she isn’t herself to be around the other kids.

Honestly, it’s kind of nice. Yes, it does result in me waking up earlier than I would prefer, too, but I’ll take it. It shows just how adjustable this kiddo is, and let’s me know that we might not have that difficult of a time getting her to adjust to the needed earlier hours when it’s time for her to enter the school system. Since I’ve also been convinced that the impending new baby will ALSO be a morning person, this means that I just have to slide my schedule a couple of hours, and everything should be fine.

Of course, nothing comes incredibly easy. Even though she’s waking up earlier, we haven’t quite gotten her to go to sleep any earlier than normal as of yet. But that I’ll happily attribute to excitement over me being home, since I was gone for almost a week. Besides, adjustments will keep happening, and she’s just going to keep surprising us with all of the things she just rolls with.

I’m just going to hope that I haven’t surrounded myself with nothing but morning people. Because that would show a dramatic lack of planning.


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