The Nugget Chronicles: Run Run Run Run Thud

One of the surefire ways to know that your child is growing is, obviously, to see when their clothes no longer fit them. After all, if you have a shirt they were once swimming in, and now you can no longer even fit it over their head, they’ve grown. Just a helpful tip.

Oh, and another helpful tip? If you haven’t noticed them growing until the clothes go from extremely loose to not-a-prayer tight? You haven’t been paying close enough attention to your kid. Honestly, you should have been wondering why they’re eating everything in sight and getting their hands into places you swore they couldn’t reach before. Clothes should be the LAST tip-off about your child reaching new heights in, um, height.

Yeah, I should’ve thought that last sentence out a little more clearly.

Anyway, another sign that your child is growing, other than their newfound trove of Capri pants? The fact that they’ve gotten so much clumsier. Like, SO much clumsier. Your precious son or daughter could be the next great ballet dancer most of the time, but, once they’ve encountered a dreaded growth spurt, they’re bound to be tripping more than Timothy Leary (and in a much different way, unless you’re a terrible parent).

That’s exactly what we’ve been going through with Nugget recently. Except it seems like it hasn’t really slowed down. It’s not like she’s shooting up to being almost four feet tall already. Instead, there’s apparently been such steady, regular growth, she just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it all yet. Either that, or she grew a couple of inches, and she’s been having a slower time adjusting to the new limb length. What this all leads to is her running madcap through the house, intent on playing with her indoor playground or a ball or something to traumatize the dog, and she’ll get a good number of steps in before we hear a thud.

Followed by “I fall down”.

It is at this point where we start to gauge whether or not she’s injured herself in any way, if the act of falling has simply created an inconvenience. Thankfully, more often than not, she’s just bothered by the fact that she isn’t running any more, so she gets up, brushes herself off, and goes running again. Soon enough, she’ll get used to where her feet are, and how long her legs have gotten, and just what she’s supposed to be doing with these arm things, and she’ll be fine, only falling when she’s overly tired (okay, maybe she inherited some general clumsiness, so she might end up falling over a fair amount, which is far less distressing than falling off of). And then, some indeterminate time down the line, she’ll grow again, and the process will repeat.

On the plus side, with as frequently as she falls over, she should be a natural when she starts learning soccer soon. Those players fall ALL THE TIME.


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