The Nugget Chronicles: Around the Sun Twice

This past Monday was Nugget’s second birthday.

Let that sink in for a little bit, because I’m still trying to fully absorb it myself.

That’s right, folks, I’ve been a father for slightly over two years now. The bulk of that time has included the wonderful opportunity to be the stay-at-home parent, raising Nugget into the precocious, curious, highly talkative and confident child that she’s grown to be. I would take credit for how tall she’s already gotten, too, but that’s really more about the fact that I’ve successfully continued to feed her. Of course, if I hadn’t, she would have let me hear it. She loves food almost more than she loves sleep.

Anyway, in preparation for her birthday, Nugget and I got to spend a lot of time just the two of us. Mama was off on a business trip, so me and my daughter spent some good time together. This time included a music class (a highlight of Nugget’s week, which unfortunately now has to wait a little bit), plus some just general hanging out. I also may have caved at least once and decided to buy her a chocolate bar, which is one of the few sweets that she really gets interested in.

Naturally, with just myself and Nugget spending the weekend together, I fell victim to a little bit of “bachelor dad” syndrome. Not that I am a bachelor, but you couldn’t have guessed that based off of the dinners that my little girl had while Mama was away. Not that spaghetti and pizza necessarily scream out “I’m a dad who’s got his kids on visitation,” but taking her out for burgers on Friday night certainly didn’t help impressions. Luckily, if I hadn’t posted here her dinners for the tail end of last week, nobody would’ve known other than myself, Nugget, and Mama. And each of those meals made her happy. I’m sure one of them also encouraged her to utter the phrase “two on Monday”, which she said once on Friday, and then never again (she has repeatedly said that she’s two, but hasn’t delivered the full “two on Monday” phrase except for that once).

Anyway, this was long, rambling, and didn’t really serve much of a point. But it’s thoughts and a quick recap of the life that I am so incredibly overjoyed to be living right now. I’ve got a smart, sweet, creative, and confident little girl, who means the world to me, and continues to show me new things when we go out, even if it’s to the aquarium that we’ve visited many times, as we did again on her birthday proper. This is a kiddo who’s spent the last couple of days wandering around with her new “Big Anna” and “Big Elsa” dolls (her words), while also reveling in the new books she received as presents. And this is a Nugget who is super excited about what’s coming up next.

Even better, this is a little girl who’s going to turn out to be an amazing big sister, and she’s got a very lucky little boy coming that will be able to look up to his sister every step of the way. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds.


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