The Nugget Chronicles: Love of Learning

As Nugget has been progressing steadily towards the age of 2, the concept of leaving the house has been a pretty much guaranteed victory each time it’s been brought up. After all, while the house is nice, and has a lot of space to run around in, there’s just something special about being able to go for blocks at a time without seeing the same scenery right away that’s clearly appealing to her. Sure, we walk almost the same path every time, but it’s different enough for her that she loves it. Besides, Nugget, ever since she figured out how to walk, hasn’t wanted to slow down at all, so any time she doesn’t have to deal with a corner and a turn after around 10-15 feet is a pretty good time in her book.

Because of this desire to get out of the house, what was once a struggle has turned into one of her favorite things. For a while, the idea of being strapped into her car seat was terrible, and she would channel Wolverine and fight with all of her strength to keep from having to go in the car. Now, when she knows that she needs to go for a ride, she excitedly hurries to the garage, waits for the door to open, and then stands next to “her car door”, usually impatiently saying “door open”. It’s been pretty fantastic, and not just because I’ve got a toddler who’s actually excited to do what we need her to.

Of course, part of the joy of getting in the car has been that she’s been able to use it as a method of transport to get her to her classes. I know, I know. She isn’t even two, and we’re already getting her into classes. I mean, talk about overachieving type-A parenting, right? Except that it really isn’t. It’s more about taking a child who is an only child, and getting her socialized with other kids. The fact that there’s information for her tiny sponge brain to absorb is just a bonus. And the fact that she absolutely LOVES these classes is even better.

To be fair, not all of these class/socialization opportunities have been wins. In fact, the very first one we tried, a simple story time at a local library, was not met with any real joy whatsoever. Nugget seemed like she was just biding her time until she was able to leave. That filled with me with some dread before our next opportunity, but pretty much everything else has been great. Music classes, zoo classes, really, any opportunity for Nugget to get out, be around other kids, play, and learn about something she’s already interested in? Simple perfection.

One thing that I’ve already noticed thanks to these classes is the desire for Nugget to spend time with the kids that are a little older than she is. Something about them seems to draw her, and, thanks to her vocabulary and overall fearlessness, she actually isn’t too far out of her depth playing with them. True, her sentences aren’t as complex, but the other kids seem to understand her just fine, and she seems to get their messages pretty clearly, as well. It probably also helps that she’s taller than a fair share of them.

I’m just going to hope that this love of learning continues well into her later time in the education system. In fact, it’d be nice if she can have the same wide interest in topics that her parents have, because that will just open so many doors for her in the long run.

In fact, let’s just keep fingers crossed that she inherited the curiosity about a broad swath of topics, and didn’t inherit my personal distaste of being told specifically WHAT to learn. Thank goodness HawtWife is going to continue contributing a lot to Nugget’s development as well.


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