The Nugget Chronicles: Here, Take This

It has been a long span of silence here on the blog. Not that I haven’t had thoughts to jot down, just that the opportunities have been few and far between. With a lot of recent travel for work (you may not consider announcing roller derby work, but that’s clearly because you haven’t tried it), and time with just me and Nugget thanks to HawtWife also having work travel, it’s been trickier to find those slices of time to get away and scribble out some thoughts.

Not that my inability to write a blog post has slowed Nugget down in the slightest. In fact, she’s still going just as strong, and keeps picking up new words, activities, thoughts, etc. She’s been remarkably resilient through all of the recent time with only one parent, and seems like there’s no real separation anxiety going on (she had minor bouts with it, but nothing terrible). This has been fantastic, and just makes me even more confident that I’ve somehow been doing the right thing with regards to being the stay-at-home parent with this remarkable little girl.

Of course, any other story I could possibly share tonight got pushed by the way side by one specific moment from earlier this evening. We were hanging out in the living room, and she was playing with learning games. An apple was visible in the game, and HawtWife proceeded to say “apple”, because Nugget seemed like she was having difficulty processing it (she knows the word, but it’s a relatively recent addition to her spoken vocabulary, and she sometimes trips over newer words). Instead of saying the word back, which is her normal system for newer vocabulary, she wandered to the kitchen, got an apple, and brought it back for her mother.

Amusingly enough, HawtWife didn’t even realize that she might have possibly wanted an apple until this moment.

So yes. Instead of recognizing the word as being related to her games, she recognized it as being a food item that she could reach, and decided that her mother clearly needed to have a snack. This was followed by her having her own snack, and all was right with the world.

As adorable as it was, it’s also a moment of concern. Given how quickly she went from hearing “apple” to providing food, we now have to be a lot more careful with the words we use. Clearly she’s got a fairly decent grasp of language and the meanings of the words, and there’s a fair chance that she’ll end up causing us to need to go to the grocery store a lot more frequently.

Actually, this is exactly why cookies are kept out of reach. I don’t need any extra encouragement.


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