The Nugget Chronicles: About a Bed

Nugget has never been a fan of sleeping in a crib, at least at home.

Let me amend that statement before you ask any questions. Nugget has outright hated the notion of sleeping in her crib, clearly believing it to be some sort of archaic torture device meant to keep her from ever experiencing joy or happiness in a world that is already far too dark.

Alright, the truth is probably somewhere in between, but the fact of the matter is this: We have never been able to get Nugget to sleep in her crib. Now, we’ve heard rumors that she sleeps in a crib just fine those times she goes to daycare, but we refuse to believe it because we haven’t seen it ourselves. I’m pretty sure she just falls asleep in the middle of the floor, and the daycare providers are too nice to disturb her, so they make up pretty lies for us. Either way, ever since Nugget grew out of her sleeping rocker thingy, she’s been sharing our bed with us. So we made moves to put an end to that. Specifically, a few weeks ago, we bought her a bed of her own.

Flash forward to last Thursday, when her bed (along with some other furniture items that we wanted) arrived at our doorstep. Technically when they arrived in our living room. I guess the delivery contract didn’t let them drop things in more than one room, and since we weren’t going to be putting our new desks in Nugget’s room, five feet inside of our front door became the location for everything. Cue me hauling the boxes to their respective new locales, almost all of which were “2-person carry” boxes with only one person to actually carry them, and I was still sore come Sunday.

Anyway, most of the boxes weren’t terribly important for this story. The boxes that were, and were clearly the heaviest and most ungainly, were the boxes holding the various parts of her bed. Yes, we shop at IKEA. Because I want to pretend that I’m a craftsman, when, really, I am alright at following cartoony instructions and using their weird tools. So her bed was deposited, rather unceremoniously, I might admit, in her room.

The boxes stayed there the rest of Thursday. And all of Friday. And they’d probably still be there if I hadn’t decided to go a little crazy and build the darned thing on Saturday, soaking up four hours of my precious family time. I got the first part assembled (I knew it was the first part, because they helpfully labelled the hardware bags with a “1”, “2”, and “3”), took a quick break, and went back to it. The second part went together a little easier, partly because it wasn’t QUITE as insanely heavy, and partly because I had opened up all sorts of space by clearing the floor of the pieces for the first part. After a (wisely) enforced break for some family hang-out time and dinner, I got back to it, assembled the third part, and the bed was complete!

Okay, so it was close to complete. After all, this was a bed for a little girl. One who harbors no illusions about whether or not she likes traditionally “girly” things. So clearly, what I had to do after doing the “construction” portion of the job was to finish it with some set dressing. Luckily, HawtWife had already procured bedding for Nugget, so I just had to get it out of the dryer, and throw it on. Before long, the bed was decked out in mermaid sheets, a fish pillow, a butterfly pillow, and the frilliest, most tutu-looking pink comforter I have ever seen. It was at this point that we decided to reveal the new bed to Nugget.

Honestly, you guys? Even if the bed had been a miserable bear to put together, what happened next would have made it all worth it. Since it was really just a time investment with very few actual difficulties, it was just made more awesome. Nugget saw her bed, immediately started talking about mermaids, and didn’t want to get out of it. We actually had to convince her that wearing pajamas was still an awesome thing she should do, because that meant getting out of bed and she wanted nothing to do with that noise. Nugget alternated between saying she was sleepy, and describing all of the mermaids on her sheets, along with whatever ocean animal was in that panel with them.

Since building her bed, Nugget has only slept in ours one night. She’ll even wander in and play for a while, when it’s not close to bedtime, or even anything approaching her nap time. She clearly loves it. True, HawtWife has been there for her these early nights, as well, but that’s to help smooth the transition over. I wouldn’t be surprised if, before too long, she’s sleeping in her mermaid bed, without either parent there to sleep next to her.

Yes, yes, and then she’ll be in college or getting married or something. At least this way she’ll have her own place to sleep.

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