The Nugget Chronicles: Feeding the Girls

Nugget has a strong affinity for her Frozen dolls. If there’s ever a toy that she decides HAS to come in the car with her, it’s going to be either Anna or Elsa. She needs a toy to come to bed with her, and you guessed it… one of those two is coming with. I’m actually really glad that she loves these toys as much as she does. I mean, given her unabashed affection for Frozen itself, it probably went without saying that she’d love the toys, too, but she’s got an Olaf toy that she regularly leaves stuffed away in a shelf. He clearly isn’t as cool as either Anna or Elsa. Anna and Elsa were the first names she said after “Mama” and “Daddy”, and, if my memory serves, they were the first toys that she used when playing pretend. The epic dances that these two toys have done around the house are truly impressive.

This leads to moments of panic when she decides to misplace one of the toys, but then really REALLY wants to play with it. This leads to a tiny (okay, not tiny, she’s already half of my height) person wandering around, calling at the top of their lungs for whichever of the sisters has gone missing. Usually, Nugget is holding the other, as if one sister will coax the other out from whatever she’s gotten in to. Most times, it’s simply a game of “find where Nugget put her toy down and got distracted”. Only once was the thought to purchase a new version of the lost toy. Thankfully, that night our local store was sold out, because no sooner did I return home than we found the missing doll behind the couch. What she was doing back there, I have no idea. Naturally, it was Anna, and she is clearly the more adventurous of the two.

So yes, Nugget has a strong connection to these two dolls. A connection that does not stop at the dinner table. Oh no, far from it. In fact, because Nugget has a booster seat that came with a little high chair (ostensibly for a different doll that she owns, but what did the manufacturers know?), Nugget makes a point of having “the girls”, as she refers to their combined unit, sit at the table with us. Being dutiful parents, who realize that there’s really no harm in this particular indulgence, we place the girls in the high chair, and make sure that Nugget knows that, just because they’re “eating with us”, that doesn’t mean that she can play with them until after she’s gotten clean.

Our daughter has figured out a work-around, and one that doesn’t even require her to play with the dolls directly.

She’ll reach a point in the meal where she won’t eat any more until we feed her dolls.

That’s right, folks. Nugget has conveniently manipulated her parents into playing with her toys for her. Of course, once the toys have “been fed”, complete with mandatory “nom nom nom” noises, then she’ll happily take another spoonful of food. In fact, she’ll happily take the exact SAME spoonful of food that we just gave to her toys. We’ve tried “feeding” Anna and Elsa with empty spoons, but Nugget sees right through that, and she knows that the sisters just aren’t getting the nutrients they need. So we dutifully fill the spoon, “feed” her toys, and then steer the food to her mouth, where she happily chows down. This gets repeated until Nugget is finished, or until the food is gone. Generally, the second happens, because, for being not-quite-two, she certainly seems like she’s displaying teenager eating habits.

Oh, and yes, every time that we have to do this, Nugget makes it clear by saying “feed sisters”, or “feed” whichever specific doll by name. While pushing away at our hands trying to direct the food towards her mouth. She’s also starting to look at her parents and let us know in no uncertain terms that we should be eating and enjoying the food just as much as she has been. True, she usually tells us to eat when we’ve already got a mouthful of food, but she’s nothing if not persistent.

If this keeps up, she’ll end up taking a slightly different course than HawtWife when it comes to the food of others. As a child, HawtWife used to ask people if they were going to finish, because she loved food and wanted to get them to share. Nugget seems dead set on just reminding people to eat more.

Hey, as long as she keeps doing it with the giggle and smile she’s got now, it probably won’t end up too creepy.


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