The Nugget Chronicles: Playing Sleepossum

I’ve known since day one that Nugget is going to eventually outsmart both of her parents. I just never quite expected that her devious nature would start popping up quite so soon. Case in point, she’s figured out a trick to keep herself from doing something that she doesn’t want to do.

She feigns being sleepy.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but, for a few weeks, we could actually judge Nugget’s overall level of tiredness based off of whether or not she was telling us that she was sleepy. And yes, she used that specific word. It’s adorable.

Shut up. Stop judging me. It IS adorable to hear “sleepy” coming from the mouth of a toddler.

Anyway, we totally had things figured out. We’d play with her, keep her entertained, and we knew that things were starting to go towards a bed mindset when she’d rub her eyes, say she was sleepy, and start wandering towards the bedroom. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even make the steps towards the bedroom, but would instead fall on the floor, pull one of her blankets over her head, and seem more than content to wake up with the carpet pattern pressed firmly into her cheek.

That all changed shortly before her grandmother came to visit. Now, we have to look for a lot of other cues to make sure she’s ACTUALLY tired. Somewhere along the way, she figured out that saying she was sleepy would actually get her out of doing other things, like picking up her toys (which she isn’t great about anyway), or getting her fingernails cut, or even trying a bite of food that she normally likes. So, instead of us automatically being able to assume that Nugget saying “sleepy” meant that it was bedtime, now we have to wonder if it just means “I want to do literally anything else, and will feign sleep until you give up and stop trying to force this on me”.

On the plus side, she was only able to really consistently fool us for about a week or so. Now we’re pretty sure that we can tell when she’s just pulling the “sleepy” card as an excuse, and when she really means it. Sure, it took us a little while, but we’re quite a bit older than she is; our brains just aren’t as agile as hers. Besides, she’s REALLY cute, and that cuteness carries an overwhelming desire to quiet the little voice in your head that says “she’s just fooling you”.

Not that she isn’t going to keep trying. She’s a clever girl, and will just keep finding new ways to outsmart us at every turn.

It’s starting to seem like, perhaps, the idea of me being the stay-at-home parent wasn’t the best one we could have stumbled on. I’m FAR more of a sucker than HawtWife is. The only foolish thing she’s been convinced of is marrying me. One day, I’ll end up buying Nugget a working lightsaber.


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