The Nugget Chronicles: Trusting Her Perceptions

One of these days, I will learn to trust exactly what my daughter is doing or saying. If things go the way I truly expect it to, I’ll probably start trusting her at the exact time when I should possibly start trusting her a little bit less, but that’s how it goes with parenting. After all, if I had simply trusted her completely at the zoo, instead of simply thinking I was humoring her, we might have made it to the fish building earlier.

So why am I mentioning this now, when my daughter isn’t yet two years old? Because HawtWife and I REALLY need to start listening to her when she says she sees something.

This isn’t about creepy ghosts peering at her over the foot of the bed (although I’m definitely intrigued when she starts to see things that we truly can’t). This is instead about being amazed at how much she’s actually seeing, and what draws her attention.

To be clear, I’m honestly a little concerned about Nugget’s vision. Not because there’s any indication that she’s GOING to have poor eyesight, just that my eyes were pretty poor when I was growing up, and I’m hoping that Nugget only inherited the color of my eyes. Given that Nugget is our first, and we kept hearing that babies can’t see all that well at first (which makes good sense), we took the time to do a little research and learn about how eyes grow and develop. After we got through the first thirteen pages of “It’s CANCER!!” (seriously, be careful when searching anything medical on the internet), we learned that kids take a while to develop their eyesight. That’s been a bit of a relief, honestly, and it gives hope that maybe Nugget will have better eyesight than either of her parents. She’s certainly showing that she’s a bit more perceptive.

For example, when being strapped into her car seat at night, it isn’t uncommon for her to say “moon”. For the longest time we thought that she was simply identifying a dark sky with where the moon would be, because we certainly weren’t seeing it anywhere. And yet, in each instance, if we had only looked around enough, we would have found the barest sliver of the moon just hanging in the sky.

And that’s not the only thing that she’ll point out to us, have us think she’s either randomly associating or outright making stuff up, only to discover that she’s completely, 100% correct. Of course, she’ll also make a point of clearing showing glee when we FINALLY get what she’s been trying to say the entire time, sometimes with giggles. This not only makes us feel incredibly proud of our Nugget, but also fully aware that she’s clearly already capable of pulling one over on us.

Thank goodness she’s using her powers for something positive thus far.


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