The Nugget Chronicles: Heel Toe Kick

Most days, it isn’t too much trouble to get Nugget to take her nap. We had a good long stint not that far back where she was incredibly resistant to the notion, but things have reverted back to a relatively pleasant status quo for the most part. One of the biggest helps is that she actually identifies when she’s tired, usually by curling up on the floor somewhere and saying “sleepy”, which prompts the ritual of diaper change followed by snuggle time in bed (also, she adorably says “snuggle”, which just makes everything that much more awesome). To complete the ritual, she often asks for “book”, which isn’t me reading to her. No, instead she just wants to rest her head on my arm as I read comic books (thanks, Marvel Unlimited!) and she looks at the pretty colors.

Again, this is most days. Today was not like most days.

Sure, it all started out the same. She laid down on the floor, resting her head on something so that she could still look at me and say “sleepy”. Nugget’s diaper got changed. We went to the bedroom, I opened up my comics app, and I thought that everything was moving towards a nice little nap time.

Then she started to wiggle. A lot. Clearly, she still had some energy to burn, but even when this happens, it hasn’t been a big deal. She’s wiggled a bit, then realized that she was truly tired, and falls asleep pretty quickly. During this time, if I even attempt to snuggle with her, she protests loudly (“no” is amongst her favorite words, and one of the words she puts the most volume behind), so I was just content to let her work her energy out.

Even when she climbed off of the bed to stand and look at the cars outside of the window, of which there may have been one, I didn’t mind it. It was obvious her brain was going, and I knew that she’d climb back up into the bed when she was ready to nap. A few minutes later, Nugget hauled herself back up, and I thought that the time of sleep was near.

That is, of course, until Nugget performed an impressive heel kick right to the jumblies. After the initial shock and pain, and telling Nugget that she needed to not kick daddy because it wasn’t nice, seemed like we might actually be back on track.

Yeah… I should have known better. Less than fifteen minutes later? Pow. Another kick, right where it counts. The second one actually doubled me over for a bit. I think you need no further proof that I love my daughter than the fact that, after kicking me twice in the baby makers, she still got to go to her swimming lessons tonight.

She also did it all without eventually getting a nap, unless you count the ten minutes right before HawtWife got home from work. After all, Nugget made it pretty clear that she was not ready to sleep, and I wasn’t going to make the mistake of trying to force her again.

You know the old saying… Kick me in the crotch once, shame on you. Kick me in the crotch twice…


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