The Nugget Chronicles: Little Green Things

If you ask Nugget what her favorite fruit is, there’s a good chance she’ll respond with “blue”. Or maybe “Anna”. While we’re starting to get into real call-and-answer types of interactions with her, she’s still suffering through a bit of a language barrier. This is to be expected, given that she’s still just shy of 20 months old.

That isn’t to say that she doesn’t love fruits, or that she can’t identify them. She thinks bananas are one of the best foods on the planet (they might have to fight with broccoli and fries for that role, but it would be hard-fought). Apples can be cool, but mostly when they’ve been crushed into a sauce. She’s even started to explore with berries, and hasn’t found them entirely displeasing.

And then there are grapes.

Grapes fill a weird role in Nugget’s world. If she is left to her own devices, she probably won’t eat them. Somehow, she hasn’t yet connected the little green half-orbs with “food”, let alone food that she likes, so she actively struggles when we try to present her with a bowl full of grapes. There’s flailing, and she voices her opinions loudly for all to hear. Clearly, grapes are an enemy, and the must be kept far from Nugget’s stomach.

That is, of course, until we actually get one popped into her mouth. Suddenly, it’s as though a world of flavor has turned on a light in her brain, and Nugget suddenly remembers that she LIKES grapes. Like, likes them a lot. You can tell when Nugget really enjoys a certain food item, because she won’t even think about offering some to her parents until she’s nearing complete stomach satiation. There aren’t a lot of other foods that Nugget will just continually shovel into her mouth (safely, thank goodness). Somehow, grapes are always pure evil until she actually eats one, and then they turn into a magical treat that she’s surprised we’re kind enough to let her have without sharing.

In a lot of ways, she reminds me of my own reactions to gummy candies. Except I will never turn my nose up at gummy candies.

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