The Nugget Chronicles: Meeting Heroes

Last week, our little family went on a whirlwind tour through Florida. There’s a lot of that trip that I’m saving for a future post, not the least of which is the fact that Nugget was not all about sitting and being in her stroller for the vast majority of it, but today’s post is about taking one of those moments, snipping it out of the bigger picture, and highlighting the events as they went down.

It all began on Tuesday morning. It was an earlier morning than most of us are used to (HawtWife is an anomaly in this regard), and we’d had a long day Monday with waking up stupid early and getting on a plane to not really rest until we hit the hotel bed later that evening. Things were a little tense all around, when you factor in the combined lack of sleep along with other variables, none of which are really super important to mention. However, we knew we had something to look forward to. After all, Tuesday was the day we were going to spend at the Magic Kingdom, and we had made a point of getting signed up so that Nugget could get a picture with one of her favorites.

No, not Anna. No, not Elsa, either. For those photos, you apparently have to be at the park before it opens, and possibly be willing to sell off a kidney or two (I have it on good authority they don’t actually have to be your own kidneys). Because we knew that entire prospect would be crazy, we made a point of getting Nugget to see Ariel. After trekking around to try to find breakfast somewhere in the park for a reasonable price, and then surrendering and allowing Nugget to eat french fries for breakfast, we made our way over towards Ariel’s grotto.

Now, if you haven’t been to a Disney park in a while, they have these really cool FastPass things that allow you to kind of skip ahead in the line. They’re great, when they work properly. Apparently, something went screwy with HawtWife’s pass, so there was a little bit of grief regarding her going through as well, but the cast members manning the lines were gracious enough to let us all go ahead, as long as we double-crossed-our-hearts-promised to visit a kiosk and get things straightened out. Mine worked fine, so I just chalk this up to HawtWife’s typical problems with technology, because it seriously seems to hate her a lot of the time.

Anyway, we headed down into the grotto, and entered the much smaller line waiting for their photo opportunity with Disney’s fishiest princess. When there was around 5 more photos ahead of us, Nugget caught a glimpse of Ariel sitting demurely, and started, as only a toddler can, to completely freak out about the mermaid in her sights. Peals of “meme” echoed around us, as she went from being kind of upset to not be able to walk freely around all of the people, to shaking with excitement over seeing a real live mermaid right in front of her (point of fact, she HAS seen mermaids before, but it was months ago, and before she developed her current obsession… take THAT, not trying to stereotypically gender your child).

It wasn’t too much longer before it was our turn, and Nugget made it very clear that she wanted HawtWife to go up with her for the picture. This was actually a running theme for the entire week, so it wasn’t much of a surprise at this point. As she was taken closer to Ariel, something both awesome and hilarious happened.

She started to almost look worried that she would somehow ruin Ariel’s magic.

Don’t get me wrong. She was also incredibly excited. In fact, she was so excited she was kind of vibrating. But the thought of being able to sit near Ariel, to touch the mermaid? That just blew her little mind. Add to that the fact that Ariel was also talking to her, about her headband and her shoes? Oh. My. Goodness. Nugget just didn’t know what to do with herself. To her credit, when it was time for the photos to be taken, she sat very patiently, even posed a little, and couldn’t keep the smile off of her face. It’s just that she couldn’t keep the trepidation over seeing one of her idols off of her face, either.

I guess that’s a lesson for all of us, really. Be careful about meeting anyone you’ve looked up to for too long. Otherwise, you might end up with a kind of dorky smile on your face, and someone who loves you wondering if you need to get your pants changed.

Okay, fine. So she inherited the dorky smile from me.


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