The Walking Dumb: Season 5, Episode 13 – Forget

Well, guys, we’re getting pretty firmly entrenched in the Alexandria Safe Zone. In fact, to celebrate, a big ol’ party was thrown for our favorite stupidity survivors, complete with plenty of booze and a fair share of inane conversation from people who may have never actually experienced danger since the dead started swarming the earth. It was just a rip-roaring good time had by everyone, right?

Yeah, about that. Rick and the gang aren’t completely ready to embrace their new-found sanctuary quite yet. In fact, it seems pretty obvious that our crew of outsiders is pretty much anticipating Alexandria to turn out just as rotten to the core as every other semi-permanent establishment they’ve run across. Naturally, they’re doing a pretty bang-up job of helping break down whatever securities could have been found inside those walls, and doing it while honestly believing that the Safe Zone was lucky to have accepted them, as opposed to them being the lucky ones who actually get to sleep in relative ease and eat chocolate cookies. Over the course of the episode, it does seem like a few of the group might be starting to open up to the idea that things aren’t as doomed, because while last week was all about remembering, this week seems to be time to “Forget”.


Via AMC.


5. Eric

Eric didn’t get a lot of screen time (which is too bad, because a good internet controversy over whether or not a gay kiss made The Walking Dead suddenly veer into the “family unfriendly” territory still has some legs), but that doesn’t mean he missed out on the dumb moments. Sure, you could chalk his up to assuming that Aaron had already talked to Daryl, but his casual way of dropping the pasta maker into conversation forced Aaron’s hand. Also, whether or not Daryl was going to take the job, isn’t there something more important for him to do than find a pasta maker?

4. Daryl and Aaron

You see a horse standing alone in a field. While it is clear that the horse had once been someone’s pet, it has clearly reverted to its wilder ways. Do you a) admire the resiliency of the animal, and let it survive as it has clearly demonstrated it can? Or b) chase it down, penning it in a corner so that you can potentially bring it back home, all the while almost getting ambushed by walkers because, apparently, pretty horse? Part of what made that so infuriating was that the episode had already displayed Daryl’s almost preternatural sense about anyone, dead or alive, getting near him. Looks like Daryl and Aaron may be the first evidence that, while this disease wiped out most life, it didn’t wipe out the Bronies.

3. Deanna

Deanna prides herself on her ability to read people. And yes, so far she’s been pretty lucky with her community. That said, her almost angry reaction to the notion of there being patrols and maybe a sniper or two in a tower just smacks of being short-sighted. Up to this point, Alexandria’s numbers have been bolstered by people who have been recruited, but eventually you’re either going to recruit the wrong people, or, because you’re a safe place in a fairly well-trafficked area, you’re going to get raided. That is, of course, assuming that someone else had the same realizations as Eugene about the higher chance for survival closer to the Washington. In this universe, that’s far from a guarantee.

2. Carol

Carol seems to believe that she’s far more invisible than she is. Yes, she’s playing a long con with most of the town, assuming the guise of a fragile, matronly woman who misses her deceased husband. She’s casting herself as weak to gain the trust of people. But never assume that you’re completely able to avoid detection. Especially when you apparently make the best cookies in the history of ever. When you do get caught, maybe spinning some clever tale would help you get out of your predicament. After all, you got caught by a kid who wanted more cookies. But no, Carol, in an admittedly bad-ass speech, decides that the best way to buy Sam’s silence is to threaten him in a fairly gruesome way. If there’s one thing that kids, and boys in particular, will never talk about, is how the new older lady in town totally casts spells and throws bad kids to the walkers beyond the walls.

1. Rick

Look, it’s hard to fault Rick’s belief that the people of Alexandria haven’t attempted at all to the reality of their world. It’s even hard to fault him for having some clear feelings for Jessie (she was one of the first in town to show him true kindness, she cut his hair, she’s a woman he hasn’t been fighting next to in life-or-death situations, she, um, sculpts). Where Rick makes his mistake is during the party, when he goes ahead and kisses Jessie on the cheek. Yes, she knew that he thought she was pretty and stuff (and thaaangs), but it could have gone on unacknowledged. Also, you’re at a party. People are everywhere. The odds aren’t in your favor of getting away with that kiss being unnoticed. Sure, it could have been worse, but, again, he’s showing clear affection towards a married woman he just met, and, more specifically, he met when he was half-naked. If I understand TV rules at all, especially for this world, it’s clear that Sam will lose at least one of his parents over this. Also, notice that Rick was the one who inadvertently sent Sam after Carol. This should surprise no viewer who recalls that Rick couldn’t even keep Carl in the house when he was gravely wounded.


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