The Nugget Chronicles: Sleep is a Fickle Mistress

Over the last week or so, we’ve been working with Nugget on something new. Well, we’ve technically been working with her on a lot of new things, it’s just that this one is requiring a concentrated effort on our part.

We’re trying to night-wean her.

See, for the past, oh, 18 months of her life, Nugget has been a pretty big proponent of getting her milk directly from the source. She was never a huge fan of bottles (something that was only exacerbated when we stopped doing day care), so milk has been pretty much from one person only; HawtWife. This has been a nice bonding time for the women in my life, but it has certainly led to some difficult times. Namely, when Nugget is having a tough time sleeping, she’s been making sure that HawtWife stays awake as well, so that she can try to get as much sustenance as possible. Thing is, the few times since Nugget arrived that HawtWife has had business trips, our precious bundle of joy has made it through the night without needing any milk. True, it was coming from a bottle, which is intensely lame (if I understand her actions correctly), but she survived just fine. Now that she’s bigger, eating more things, and getting a lot of milk through other means (namely rice and almond varieties, due to a fun milk reaction), she clearly doesn’t NEED to wake up every couple of hours to nurse. She just wants to.

So we’re trying to stop the night feedings. This has been met with some resistance on Nugget’s behalf, which I totally understand, because I’d be cranky if the breasts were being withheld from me when I wanted them, too. This has led to an interesting week, where sleep has been all over the map. Now, I’ve already talked about how she’s sometimes deciding that naps are stupid, and she shouldn’t take them. This is continuing into the night, but there’s no real predictability to it. It’s not like taking (or not taking) a nap really impacts her nighttime sleep. In fact, the only real guess we can have at present is, “How did Nugget sleep last night?”. If she slept great, then we’re clearly in for danger and restlessness. If she slept poorly, we are probably looking at her getting some good sleep and letting her mother rest easy.

For example, the first night that Nugget was being night-weaned, she was not happy about it in the slightest. She spent, over the course of the night, a couple of hours all told being very cranky about not getting to feed. Still, first time for this, we expected some bumps in the road, and figured that things would be tough for a little while. Second night? She whimpered a couple of times for about ten minutes each, and that was it. Third night was back to so much anger, and so on and so forth. We foolishly thought that maybe she’d made an adjustment a couple of nights ago where she actually stayed asleep the entire night, not waking her mother up even once. And then last night we were confronted with a child that slept fairly soundly from around 9:30-1:30, was awake until around 6:15 (with a split wake shift from her parents), and then back to sleep until a little after 11. This was followed by a surprise nap, and now the hope that not sleeping enough last night compounded with swimming lessons tonight made her tired enough that she’ll get some good solid rest. Only time will tell, but, if she stays on the pattern she’s been holding for a little while now, tonight is the night of the sleeps, so fingers are most definitely crossed.

Look, I never said that raising a kid would be easy, but couldn’t they at least try to be a little more predictable? The only thing we can really confirm as of late is that Nugget has found a new obsession with mermaids, thanks to watching one (ONE) solitary Little Mermaid video.

So yeah, we know she loves Disney stuff already. Good thing she’s going there soon. Hopefully she’ll at least sleep on the plane. And hopefully well before that, otherwise it’s going to be a long February.


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