The Nugget Chronicles: 18 Months Tall

Two days ago, Nugget hit the 18 month mark. I’m still somewhat amazed that I’ve been a father for 18 months, and haven’t really wrapped my head around how exactly that happened. I mean, I know that I helped make a baby; it’s more that I’m still somewhat confused* as to how 18 months could have possibly already passed since her first cries on this planet. HawtWife says that it has something to do with the fact that we just keep feeding her, although I’m not entirely positive that’s directly tied to her age. Her height, sure. Pretty sure the age is just a lie to confuse me about what’s actually happening. Of course, taking Nugget to the pediatrician today would totally clear up that whole “18 month” question, right?

So off we took Nugget to see her doctor, where the first words were pretty much, “Wow, she’s 18 months already? Where did the time go?”. Turns out that perhaps pediatricians aren’t the best at calendars, either. Any way, once we all commiserated on how we’re clearly unable to detect just exactly where the last year and a half went, we moved on to the important details of the appointment; the measurements. We got a weight (she’s just fine), and we got a head measurement (doing great). When it came time to try to lay her down to measure how long she was, we ran into a barrier.

Specifically, we ran into a very upset, overly tired, and incredibly cranky toddler who wanted nothing more than to continue being held by her mother, and would NOT lay down for even a couple of simple pencil marks. A couple of attempts were made, but one said she hadn’t grown since her 15 month appointment (untrue because now she can hit the table with her eye instead of her forehead), and another one said that she’d actually shrunk an inch since the first measurement (impossible, given that it was mere seconds after the first). So, honestly, the best we could really do is make a guess that she’s currently about 18 months tall. But that’s 18 months along the trajectory she’s already been showing, which means she might be closer to 2 or 3 years tall. It’s kind of hard to gauge, since kids seem to grow at different rates. Our second best option was to conservatively add another half-inch to her 15 month height, but that feels a little shorter than she actually is. However, even if we’d kept the number exactly where it was for her last appointment, Nugget would still definitely be in the “tall” section of the growth charts.

Of course, throughout the entire appointment, Nugget was having very little desire to actually allow her doctor to do what was required. She was too upset. This was probably not helped by the fact that she’s clearly starting to remember the nurse who first assists, and Nugget has plenty of reasons to dislike the nurse (something something needles and poking). The only real breakthrough moment seemed to be when Nugget was allowed to play with the stethoscope for a bit. Overall, though, it was a thoroughly uneventful appointment, mostly because Nugget didn’t allow us to think for a moment that there would be any events (like checking her eyes, or seeing how her teeth are growing in).

Now, normally appointment days are quick excursions, and everything’s done with one trip. Oh no, not this time. This time we decided that we’d kill two birds with one day, and also made an appointment for Nugget to see the chiropractor (yes, she sees a chiropractor, because he’s done amazing things for her). We tucked in a quick nap between appointments, but I was filled with a certain level of dread, because she has NEVER been a fan of seeing the chiropractor.

Apparently the trick for her to be cool with getting a minor adjustment? A shorter-than-usual nap, followed by the chiropractor using some of the exact same “being goofy” techniques as the pediatrician. Second time was a total charm, because Nugget actually LOVED her appointment, and spent almost the entire time smiling, chattering, and giggling. She wasn’t willing to do that with her pediatrician until the doctor was about to leave the exam room, and she generally adores her pediatrician.

Or maybe Nugget just wanted to keep her clothes on. I don’t think she’s developing modesty yet, but you never can tell. I mean, it’s not like an 18 month old would even have a word to describe being undressed.

Did I mention my daughter says “nakie” now around bath times? Good times all around.

* I’m not actually confused. I fully understand the passage of time. It just seems that these past 18 months have gone by too fast. Well, that, and who would seriously think** that letting me be a dad was a good idea?

** Turns out that HawtWife is totally supportive of my being a dad, and has been since day one. It’s one of the reasons I love her. It’s also one of the reasons I tend to question her judgement***.

*** It’s a joke, sweetie. Please stop shooting eye daggers at me.


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