The Nugget Chronicles: Naps Schmaps

When Nugget switched from two naps per day to just one, she basically dropped the second nap, and everything continued as normal. That meant that, just a couple of hours after she first woke up, she’d generally be down for her solitary nap of the day, soaking up as much of that beautiful rest time as possible. This was a good opportunity for Nugget to rest her brain from what it had absorbed through the course of the day, and, honestly, a good opportunity for me to sneak in a nap of my own. After all, naps are something that it often takes until adulthood to truly appreciate, and I wasn’t a fan until I had a kid that needed them.

Over the last week or so, there have been a couple of things popping up with regards to Nugget’s napping habits. The first, and most pronounced, is that she hasn’t been as keen on napping unless HawtWife is around. Look, I get it. Daddy’s not making any delicious milk full of nutrients and hormones, and therefore napping when it’s just him is kind of lame. Because I don’t have that ability, Nugget has been tending to believe that nap time is really just an excuse to play in the bedroom, as opposed to play in the living room.

The second realization is that Nugget is starting to shift her naps closer to the middle of her day. We’ve been experimenting with pushing her nap time a little bit later, to try to accommodate her desires. Ostensibly, this should make it easier for her to actually fall asleep during those daytime hours, no matter how much her teeth might be bothering her, or how interested she is in expanding her vocabulary (she can now associate “Wild” with “hockey”, so she’s learning how to lie). This experiment is still relatively new, so we don’t have an overall verdict on this one quite yet.

Also, it should be noted that, if Nugget happens to get even a few minutes of a nap outside of her expected napping places, then she’ll automatically believe that she’s been asleep for hours, and any shot at getting her to take a legitimate nap after that is right out the window. This isn’t as much of a problem when she’s in her car seat after a trip to the aquarium or zoo or something, because, with a little sprinkling of traffic, she can often get upwards of 45 minutes or more, which is a nice little refresher. Today, however, she was sitting in her bouncer while I was taking care of a quick payment for duct cleaning (too many ducts, too many ducts). I come back to find that she’s still standing, but only by virtue of the fact that the bouncer is holding her in an upright position. While Nugget is standing, she’s not in any way approaching awake.

Yup. My daughter fell asleep standing up.

Now, she was maybe asleep for a minute or so. I really wasn’t away from her for very long. However, she was asleep HARD (this did match up with the later nap time we were hoping for, so maybe there’s something to that), and she was extremely angry that I woke her up. Since I wasn’t about to let her sleep in a standing position, I took the brunt, but figured that she’d be down with napping where she could lay down.

Yeah, maybe I should have just let her sleep. Because any thought of naps was gone from that point forward. The only real benefit of her not napping is that she’s asleep at an early (for her) hour, which will make it easier for us to wake her early tomorrow.

Once we figure out the nap thing, we’re totally going to work on a reasonable bed time. While it’s cool for Daddy to be awake after midnight, it’s a little tough for her to do the same. At least, it is while she’s too young to play video games with me.


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