The Nugget Chronicles: Not What You Think It Means

I’ve mentioned before how Nugget is growing in her vocabulary. It’s truly astounding, and so very cool that she’s starting to be able to communicate a lot more clearly with us. It’s certainly leading to less confusion on our parts, and sadly a little more disappointment on her part because what she’s asking for she’s clearly not going to get. I mean, as I said last time, I’m not going to spend the entire day watching Frozen on endless repeat.

Of course, there are words that she doesn’t quite have the pronunciation for yet. This was pointed out with our recent trip to the zoo. When asked what she was at the zoo, she thought for a bit and then said, “fishies”. This makes total sense. Our zoo has a lot of fish for her to see, and they have continued to be one of the high points of her visits. She LOVES fish. I don’t know how we’re going to explain fish sticks to her down the line, but that isn’t a problem for right now. Nugget sees fish, and she just ends up super happy, pointing out all the fishies swimming past. So her making that her first word to describe the zoo seems logical.

The next word out of her mouth? “Monkeys”. Again, seems legit. There are definitely monkeys at the zoo. She’s also got a monkey toy, and is starting to develop a relationship with Curious George, so her saying “monkey” just fits the bill. Even better? I was the first one to hear her say “monkey” all the way. Prior to that, she was just calling them “monks”. So, after “fishies” and “monkeys”, what else could she possibly say to describe her trip?


Um, what? No, seriously, what? I immediately started scrambling my brain to see if I happened to say something inappropriate (I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised, to be honest). Nope, I’m in the clear. But she’s insistent that she saw “fishies”, followed by “monkeys”, and finally “fuck”. So, um… did she maybe see some of the animals being a little more friendly with each other? Were there teenagers being edgy with their language? But the way she’s saying it, it’s clear that she thinks she’s talking about another animal. We ask if she means “fox”, and she looks at us like we’re crazy. “Duck” gets a milder response from her, and it’s totally possible that she’s combined “duck” and “flamingo” in the worst possible way, since they share the same enclosure.

Eventually, we find the truth. She’s TRYING to say “frog”. I don’t recall her seeing any frogs at the zoo. I certainly don’t remember pointing any out. And yet, there my adorable, almost 18 month old daughter is, loudly proclaiming to her mother that she saw “fishies” and “monkeys” and “fuck”.

Man, it’s good that she was born far too late to ever see the game “Frogger”.


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