The Nugget Chronicles: Who Needs Sleep?

Things have been quiet around here. And by “here”, I mean in this particular area of the blog. The area reserved for stories about my daughter. She has been FAR from quiet.

See, there are these times in every growing child’s life that are referred to as “sleep regressions”. And Nugget has definitely been going through a relatively big one recently. That has put a bit of a stop on my blogging. Generally, I write after Nugget goes to sleep. I don’t like writing after midnight, because I’m starting to get a little (more) loopy by that point, and I’m probably just craving the notion of hiding for a little while and playing some video games. For the past week and a half or so, Nugget has been making it clear that her father doesn’t get that writing time, unless he wants to write after the clock has rolled over to the next day.

Actually, she has spent much of the past couple of weeks deciding that writing time can’t possibly start until 2am, because that’s when she’s decided she would be awake until. In some ways, I’m flattered. She’s choosing to adjust her sleep schedule to be more like her old man’s, and that’s kind of cool. Except that I kind of crave my alone reset time. Oh, and the fact that Nugget REALLY wants to be around her mother during those dark hours, and, well, HawtWife tends to turn into a bit of a pumpkin by 10 at the latest. So it’s been an interesting experience as of late, as long as you think of the double-edged sword that “interesting” entails.

Now, a lot of sleep regressions tend to happen around the times that a child is going through a major developmental growth. Whether it be right around the time they start crawling, or walking, or talking, or trying to take the car for a spin, all of the brain activity that’s spurring them on makes it a little dicier for them to get normal sleep. Nugget HAS been getting closer to saying sentences on a semi-regular basis, and even looking to move beyond the simple two-word sentence that was her first (which, for the record, was “I’m happy”). But we didn’t think that was what was going on, at first. Because Nugget can’t just go through a sleep regression that can easily be identified as a developmental growth period. She has to do it when she’s also sick.

Yes, Nugget spent a good portion of last week ill. It was really all kicked off on Tuesday, which was the first real night of the absolutely atrocious bedtime. It continued throughout the week, and she even threw in a couple of nights of “no, I’m totally going to sleep at a normal time…. just kidding!” for good measure. We’re starting to get her back towards her original sleep schedule, which has been tricky. We’ve made sure to give her plenty of things to tire her our. We’ve made sure that her belly is full. We’ve tried reading excerpts from George R.R. Martin to her. It seems that we’ve just had to wait its course, all the while doing what we can to keep the adults in this house from going crazy.

The best part of all of this? Nugget hasn’t been looking at this extraordinary late bedtime as a reason to sleep in. Far from it. She may sleep a little later than normal, but she’s generally been waking up around the same time as always (thankfully, that time is around 10 in the morning, so I haven’t gone completely bonkers). Her naps haven’t been extended. She’s just been content to not sleep. Now the illness has passed for her, although she was kind enough to share it with the rest of us. In truth, she’s been pretty much clear of her little bout with the cold for a couple of days now. And tonight might just be the first night in a while that Nugget has gone to sleep at anything approaching her normal bedtime.

Really, the timing couldn’t be better, when you think about it. After all, she’s still too young to be completely rationalized with, so it’ll be hard to convince her that she needs to get to sleep so Santa can deliver her presents.

Or, in this case, get them wrapped.


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