The Nugget Chronicles: Important Call

It’s starting to get to the point with Nugget where I’m wondering why she has the wide variety of toys that she does. Don’t get me wrong, she does play with all of them to varying degrees (which seems to indicate that we have either the perfect amount of toys, or just not quite enough), but there’s been a trend I’ve been noticing as of late. It’s the trend that pops up when she isn’t obsessing about her baby dolls, which she does often, while hugging them and loudly proclaiming “Baby”.

That trend? Everything’s a phone.

Let me correct that slightly. ALMOST everything’s a phone. Little plastic ball? Phone. Sippy cup? Phone. Maraca? Phone. Toy phone? Oddly not much of a phone, although it sometimes doubles as that.

Yes, my daughter has decided that just about everything she gets into her hands, and is smaller than her head (in most cases) is clearly a phone, and she must talk into it. This leads to a rousing, and loud, discussion that she is clearly having with someone on the other end. How do I know that there has to be someone she’s communicating with? She puts pauses into her string of babble, and sometimes even tilts her head so that we know she’s giving the other end of the phone time to respond.

Probably the oddest thing about this whole obsession with phones? I don’t really use the phone all that often. I don’t think HawtWife uses the phone around her more than usual. And, from what I’ve observed, most of the time when either of us is using the phone, it’s either to call each other or to talk to other family, and a lot of that time is spent with the phone on speaker, so that Nugget can hear her relatives. Somehow, though, my daughter is still making a point of putting her toys (and some non-toys) up to her cheek into standard phone-holding position, talking into them, and then sometimes offering the phone to either of her parents, getting offended if we don’t “hold it right” and talk into it.

So yes, somehow, out of the blue, everything became a phone for Nugget. It has become one of her favorite activities, and she will literally spend hours walking around the house in giant circles, babbling away happily onto her cup-phone. There’s always a chance that she’s somehow taking after Maxwell Smart, but that theory can’t be given too much credence until she starts talking more regularly into her shoes.

Thank goodness most mobile-to-mobile calling is free. Otherwise this little girl would already have displayed an intention to drive us to bankruptcy.


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