The Nugget Chronicles: Attack of the Sniffles

In a move that surprises just about nobody who has ever been around children once the temperature dips below 40, or when they’ve traveled across the country, or when they just feel like maybe things have gotten a little too standard in their lives, Nugget has spent much of this week dealing with a very runny nose. Not anything too terrible, thankfully, but this is certainly a case where snot has invaded her face, and is constantly trying to amass an attack, using her nostrils as the launching point. This has meant that I’ve been spending a lot of time armed with tissues, and being thankful that I’m more practiced in blowing my own nose than she is.

Now, this cold clearly hit HawtWife as well, and manifested in her as a distinct lack of appetite. Not for Nugget, however. That kid will happily eat just about anything put in front of her, and eat fairly decent quantities of it. Eventually I’ll have to spend some time teaching her about portion control, but, for right now, she’s content to get a lot of food shoved into her mouth at semi-regular intervals. For example, tonight she had the joy of being served macaroni and cheese along with broccoli, and, even though she has difficulty breathing through a stuffed nose, she spent the bulk of dinner time with a mouth so packed full of food that there wasn’t much chance for her to breathe through her mouth, either. Not that we had a moment of worrying that she wasn’t getting enough air. Far from it. We were actually starting to get concerned that she didn’t have enough food, or that, if we let our fingers stray too close, she’d add human flesh to her palate. Although she’d probably want it to be seasoned, first.

Really, when I look at how Nugget has tended to be when she’s a little under the weather, I’m always surprised. She hasn’t ever really shown a lack of appetite (plenty of spikes, but no real lack), and the concept of not spending a good portion of the day playing with whatever is within reach seems foreign to her. In fact, if it wasn’t for the rivers of mucus flowing out of her nostrils, the only way we’d know she was sick at all is that she’s wanted to sleep a little more than usual, but keeps getting woken up by her own coughing. Even that barely rouses her for the most part, and I think it shows just how dedicated Nugget really is to the whole sleep experience that she isn’t more restless.

Hopefully, she’s past this little round of illness soon, but, again, this really hasn’t been too bad for us. I’m hoping that this says good things about her immune system overall, and not about the notion that I don’t socialize her enough. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the need for her to avoid blowing her nose again.


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