The Nugget Chronicles: Sans Nugget

This has so far been an interesting week for me. Not interesting in the ancient Chinese curse sort of way, but interesting nonetheless. I suppose that’s what happens when you get used to spending months and months and months with a person, and then suddenly, bam, they disappear for a span of time.

Yeah, Nugget is visiting her grandmother in Maryland. And HawtWife is there, too. Which means I’ve been home alone with the dog since Sunday when I dropped them off at the airport. By all accounts, Nugget was an amazing traveler, which doesn’t surprise me. Clearly, she’s a trooper when we’re driving for upwards of 24 hours, so being on a plane for less than 5 is no big thing whatsoever.

Meanwhile, I’ve been feeling things out in this sudden return to bachelorhood. Now, in many ways, it’s like I’m on a staycation this week from my job. The problem with that is that I love doing what I do raising Nugget, so going on vacation this long isn’t something I would ever have requested for myself. Oh, and even when I was working a job I didn’t enjoy anywhere near as much, I was terrible about taking time away. So it’s been an experience. Every morning I’m confused that I don’t have a small human to watch over and try to keep pace with. And every night, I wonder exactly how HawtWife put up with me before Nugget showed up, because I’m doing so very little of importance.

For example, today is the first day since the girls left that I’ve really done anything that could be considered “productive”. I got our TV mounted on the wall. I also did a very small amount of shopping.

Yup. That’s it. And that’s more productive than I’ve been the rest of the week up to this point. I’m sure there are other tasks I’ll tick off before they come home, but I don’t want to say them out loud, just in case I end up shirking responsibilities by doing any other the non-productive things I’ve been doing (all of which have pretty much revolved around soaking up media in some way, shape, or form. And when I say media, I mean film, television, music, and video games, not the news channels, although I did some of that recently as well).

Let’s be honest, though, folks. Given my penchant for getting embroiled in doing whatever silly thing I’m doing, I’m really more shocked that I’ve consistently remembered to get at least one solid meal each day. Without having Nugget around, I was actually concerned that I’d forget to eat.


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