The Nugget Chronicles: Aggressive Love

So I could have written today about Nugget’s recent check-up, where she continued to show that she’s on track to be super-tall. Given the theory of doubling the child’s height at two to figure an estimate of how tall they could be, provided she doesn’t grow any more in the next 9 months, Nugget would clock in at around 5’7″.

But, well, talking about how ridiculously tall Nugget is going to be seems silly. After all, both of her parents are average in height, and we’re not ready to accept that our child might end up taller than both of us. So instead, I’ve got something else up my sleeve.

Nugget has become a big fan of kisses.

Not from everyone, mind you. She isn’t looking to randomly kiss people she encounters on the street. She’s only giving kisses to me, HawtWife, random toys, and sometimes the dog. She hasn’t turned into some sort of random kisser, getting up into everyone’s grill to make her affection known. But, for those of us who have been receiving her kisses, it’s a very sweet moment each time it happens. And it happens a lot.

Well, mostly sweet. See, Nugget has decided that she’s also a fairly aggressive kisser. She well make it clear when it’s time to get a kiss from one of us in the house, generally by walking towards us, lips pursed, making a distinct “mmmm” humming noise. Generally, she’ll be nice enough to let us actually make contact with her pursed lips before opening wide into a “mmmwaaah” sound, but not always. And let me tell you, when she has decided it is kissing time, there is nothing that will deter her. She is going to get that kiss, no matter what. If we try to give her a kiss when she isn’t actively asking for one, we’re usually met with a little disdain, but if we don’t immediately prepare to respond to her affections, she gives us a glare that she has learned from I’m not entirely sure where.

It’s sweet. It really is. Yes, eventually we’ll have to spend some time teaching her about when it is and when it isn’t appropriate to dole out kisses to people that she likes. I don’t think we’re quite at that time yet, given that she’s still getting a handle on the concept of her sippy cups not actually being telephones, no matter how much pretending happens. Besides, I don’t see any real problem in the long run if she is going to be the kind of person who will decide to take charge in a budding relationship, and let the object of her affection know where she stands. True, I’m hoping that, by the time that rolls around, she’s decided to let her feelings be known with words, as opposed to overt actions, but I’m still okay with her taking the lead.

After all, her mom did, and that’s worked out pretty well so far.


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