The Nugget Chronicles: What Does the Wolf Say?

Apparently, Nugget has decided that she is going to keep subverting what I’m going to write about. Admittedly, I wasn’t really sure exactly what would fill this space this time around, so I asked her. She didn’t really respond in any meaningful way, so I thought I’d end up talking about how incredibly intuitive she was to being cuddled by HawtWife when the need was greatest. Then I thought I’d end up writing about how quickly she’s taken to feeding herself with a spoon, and how she’s food-motivated enough that I (briefly) became the coolest person in the house last night because I made popcorn.

That is, of course, until she decided to demonstrate just how quickly she’s learning things. While playing her activity zoo, under the watchful gaze of HawtWife, she started spinning the animal alphabet on one side. This lead to amazing comments along the lines of “‘Q’ is for ‘quail’, which is kind of like ‘whale’, but different” (note: not an exact quote). This alone was pretty cool, because she hadn’t really shown much interest in the alphabet side previously. When she got around to spinning the “W” (for “wolf”), she was asked by HawtWife what sound a wolf makes. Then, because Nugget was staring blankly, HawtWife quickly demonstrated the sound a wolf makes. No big deal, right?

Except after a relatively short time of this, when Nugget was asked what sound a wolf makes, she immediately made a little howl noise. Without fail. And almost without any real gap between hearing the question, and emitting her tiny little “oooOOOooo”.

Guys, my daughter is ridiculous. And she already knows enough to add another verse to that stupid fox song.


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