The Nugget Chronicles: Ball of Sunshine

Sorry that the blog has been a bit sparse this week. This has been an incredibly surreal week, starting Saturday morning, when we learned that HawtWife’s father passed away unexpectedly. And yes, that pretty much explains why there haven’t been posts.

After getting the news Saturday, we made the decision on Sunday to head down to do what we can to help get everything in order. It was almost HawtWife alone making the trip, but, at the last minute, it was decided that Nugget and I should also go down, because it would be helpful. Honestly, unless she’d threatened bodily harm, there was no way I was going to let her go on her own.

Truly, in times of tremendous heartbreak like this, one of the best things to have around might just be Nugget. Well, maybe not specifically Nugget, but a happy, joyful ball of energy. That’s exactly what Nugget has been, and it’s been amazing.

So yeah, that’s why things have been quiet here. They’re probably going to be like that for a little while at least, but I wanted to let people know.


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