The Nugget Chronicles: Please Don’t Go

Sunday night, as I was preparing to head off for a quick security gig at a local haunted house, we had an entirely new experience to wrap our heads around.

Nugget cried because I was leaving her with HawtWife.

Now, you might not be thinking that this is really all that big of a deal. After all, I’m the stay-at-home parent. I spend a TON of time with Nugget. Clearly, because of all of that contact, either she’d naturally be looking to get a break and spend more time with just her mother, or she would have shown tears previously to my leaving. But no, this was an outright first. In fact, not only did she cry because I was leaving and she wasn’t going with, she actually made a point of pulling herself out of HawtWife’s arms to toddle over to me and give me a hug. Clearly, she wasn’t happy with the notion of me leaving, which was unfortunate, since, you know, I had a job to go and do.

This moment, coupled with the total lack of a reaction to taking Nugget away from her mother on Saturday, has left me with a swell of conflicting emotions. On one hand, it’s incredibly flattering and amazing to have a child love you so much that they don’t want you to go anywhere. On the other hand, it’s heart-wrenching to realize that your actions, simple as they are, are causing your kid any sort of pain or discontentment. And on the third hand, well, it just plain makes it hard to want to go off and do things with adults; things that may or may not involve time with your offspring.

Thankfully, we didn’t have a repeat of the crying moment last night, because it would have been even harder to leave a second trip through tear land. I don’t like knowing that my daughter is crying because of something I’ve done. I mean, if it was something like me cutting onions near her or something, I’d be fine with it. But just because I’m leaving? That’s tough.

I mean, it’s almost enough to make me want to spend all of my time near her. Yeah, like she really wants that. She’ll probably get sick of me hanging around by the time she’s a teenager.


2 thoughts on “The Nugget Chronicles: Please Don’t Go

  1. Her reaction to you leaving is a common one. You’re the primary caregiver. She’s used to having you around all the time. It’s good for her to spend time away from you & with mom more. If anything you should be going out on your own more often so she can get used to you not being around as much.
    But it still really hurts to see them crying just because you’re leaving.
    And you’re right, in not that many years she’ll want almost nothing to do with you. But I suspect you’ll always be “Daddy” to her, even when she’s in college. That’s special.

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