The Nugget Chronicles: Little Copycat

I think we’re starting to enter a really fun phase with Nugget.

Wait, let me correct myself. ALL of the phases so far have been pretty darned fun, but, as someone who likes to think that they’ve got comedic tendencies, this upcoming one could very easily be one of my favorites.

She’s starting to enter into mimicry.

Let’s be honest. She’s been doing this for a little while. There are certain sounds that Nugget keyed on pretty early, and she definitely made an attempt to copy them. However, the copying was always hit-or-miss, as was the timing. We could make one of the sounds that she’d copy, and then she wouldn’t do anything for hours. Then, when we were least expecting it, she’d babble in the same sort of inflection and cadence. That alone was pretty neat. Now, however, the mimicry has ascended to a new level.

She’s clearly actively TRYING to make some of the same sounds that we do.

We really first noticed this next step when, after showing her a trick with one of her favorite toys, I said “Ta da!”, as any good magician would (full disclosure: I am not and will never be a “good” magician, so I might be wrong about what they do). This was immediately followed by Nugget giving her best “Ta da!” back at me, except she doesn’t quite have a hang on which consonants are which yet. This lead to a rousing game of me doing the trick, saying “Ta da!”, her undoing the trick, saying “Ga ga!” or “Da da!” or “Ba ba!” or any other combination of consonant and “a” that wasn’t “Ta da!”, and repeat. We’ve had a lot of fun doing this (she laughs, and I laugh because she’s clearly thinking this game is hilarious) for a couple of days, and then last night, it moved to the next level.

It should be known that I am an accomplished beat-boxer (full disclosure: I am neither accomplished nor a beat-boxer), so I was making some percussive noises with my mouth, while HawtWife was providing lyrics over the top. This alone seemed to set Nugget towards fits of giggles, which was awesome. What was more awesome was, after I finished, she clearly looked at me, and then attempted to beat-box on her own. True, she didn’t do a great job, but she’s still young. I figure it’ll be a few years before I have to worry about her cutting her first single, so there’s time to train her.

So yes, folks, I am seeing that I’ve got the early stages of true mimicry on my hands. This fills me with so much joy. After all, how many parents don’t want their kids to emulate some of the things that they’re doing? I’m sure I’ll live to regret my current exuberance when I hear her start to swear conversationally (like Daddy does), or like a sailor on shore leave (like HawtWife does), but, until that point, it’s pretty awesome.

Oh, who am I kidding? Kids swearing is adorable. I won’t regret it until our first parent-teacher conferences where her choice of language comes up. Even if it is generally the right word.


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