The Walking Dumb: Season 5, Episode 1 – No Sanctuary

It has certainly been too long. Too long without our Fearless Zombie Killers. Too long without a glimpse into what’s going on with Daryl. And definitely too long since we got to get our fill of Lil Asskicker. Thankfully, the long wait is over, as The Walking Dead returned to grace our screens with the start of season 5. Picking up right where season 4 left us, with the bulk of our heroes locked inside of a train car, we got to learn more about Terminus, and find out who, if any, were going to make it into episode two.

Needless to say, as it goes with any other recap that you might read online, spoilers will abound, so, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, come back and read after you have. Also, I’ll only give this warning once per season. From here on out, it’s on you and the honor system.


Okay, all caught up? Good. Now we can proceed.

The fifth season’s premiere episode, “No Sanctuary”, showed us the aftermath of the Ricktocracy being captured by the Termites. Remember, Rick immediately stated that they were “screwing with the wrong people”, which sent both a shiver of awesome and an immediate flash of doubt through many viewers. The episode definitely helped move the story forward, and do so with plenty of action. Don’t worry, gentle readers. It also did so with a good helping of stupidity throughout. Without further ado, let’s explore this week’s Walking Dumb!



5. Glenn

Oh, Glenn. You just had to go and point out that your group of survivors were the type of people who saved others when they were in danger. This isn’t even to say that you weren’t 100% correct about this. There’s no arguing the fact that, if you stop saving people, you become no better than the Governor, the Termites, and anyone else who takes a darker path to survival. That doesn’t mean that your timing is the best. Maybe point out that you should go back to rescue the people from the other train cars until AFTER you’ve been reunited with your lady love. After all, there’s a ton of Walkers around, and the people of Terminus are kind of going gun crazy at the moment. You put your little barbershop quarter further into harm’s way, just by wanting to do the right thing. Work on your timing, Glenn. It isn’t just useful in comedy.

4. Gareth

This episode allowed us to learn a little about Gareth’s past, along with seeing the first glimpses of how the people of Terminus transformed themselves from cattle into butchers. Truth be told, in Gareth, we can see glimpses of where Rick could have ended up, had a different path been presented. That said, much like with Glenn above, learn some timing. You’ve got a group of people that you KNOW are dangerous. They’re clearly proficient at combat, and they’ve made it clear that they are looking for ways to get revenge for their capture. Maybe wait until after their dead before you start getting into the nitty gritty of accounting for how many bullets were fired. If it hadn’t been for the explosion that rocked the compound, would we have discovered how many days it had been since the people of Terminus had changed their underwear?

3. Random Termite

You all know which guy I’m talking about. When the group from Terminus was encroaching on the zombie horde, there was a fairly solid line of four firing away. In fact, Rick almost made his move after they went past. Good thing he didn’t, because there was a straggler. This guy was, well, taking his sweet time. Now, this wouldn’t be a big problem, except for a couple of things. First off, whether you’ve got training or not, you should know that a unified line is stronger than one with any sort of gaps in it. Secondly, when you’re tailing your comrades by a couple dozen feet, maybe you shouldn’t be firing wildly into the crowd. Even if this guy was the best sharpshooter that Terminus had ever seen, he was gambling against long odds that he’d hit Walkers, and not his teammates.

2. Tyreese

The big Papa Bear from last season didn’t seem to have learned, at least at the start of the episode. He’s been watching over Lil’ Asskicker since the prison, but, if it wasn’t for Carol, it isn’t a stretch to say that he wouldn’t have been doing that for long. The big man left Rick’s daughter in the care of a psychotic child, only for Carol to make the save. In fact, Carol even scolds Tyreese, telling him that he basically needs to step up his game and kill when there’s a need to defend those he cares about. His lack of spirit almost bites him once again in the cabin with Martin, as Tyreese gets caught up in staring out the window, instead of at the clearly unable-to-be-trusted prisoner.  This leads to Martin putting Tyreese into an unfortunate circumstance; outside the cabin, surrounded by Walkers, while he remained inside, with a baby he could use as a gambling chip. Good thing for Tyreese that he rediscovered his warrior spirit, because, otherwise, he would have been left to deal with a distinctly meaner, more cutthroat Rick.

1. Martin

Ah, Martin, we hardly knew ye. You graced our screens as a plot device. Truth, it was you who brought Tyreese back to being the brute with a heart of gold. And, also truth, it was you who gave us the first glimpse into Carol’s calculations to try and get the best out of her fellow survivors. You even told us what might very well be a truth in the world of The Walking Dead, “You’re a good guy, and that’s why you’re going to die today.” Unfortunately for you, you have a trait that it seems so many of those from Terminus share; overconfidence. You know that there are Walkers all over the place, which is why you’re setting out fireworks, but you’re so engrossed in your radio conversation that you don’t notice living people sneak up behind you? And then, to make matters worse, you keep poking at the very large, highly protective man who’s caring for a child, going so far as to threaten the baby? You certainly aren’t the first person on the series to receive a karmic death, but you are the first one of season 5, and that lands you right on this list.

What did you all think of “No Sanctuary”? Any other incredible stupidity jump out at you? And what about the glimpses from the end of the episode, both into the past, and at the present? We’ll see what happens next week, when we return to discuss “Strangers”.


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