The Nugget Chronicles: Trust the Nugget

Over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed a bizarre new activity being done by Nugget. No, not walking, and not running. True, both of those activities are relatively recent, but she’s been doing them both for a couple of weeks now, so they aren’t quite tripping my radar any more. I mean, generally speaking. There are still those moments, like when she decides that she wants to climb up onto the couch and then run back and forth on it that do draw my attention. After all, as other wise parents once told me, it isn’t so much about the falling over, it’s about the falling off. The couch isn’t super high, but I’d still rather she not decide to fall off of it. Especially since she seems to have some sort of daredevil genes in here, where the best option towards falling appears to be “lead with the face”.

No, what Nugget has started to do has been to wander into her room and grab a (clean) diaper. Or to wander off to the bedroom and curl up on the mattress.

At first, I just thought it was a kid being a kid. Adorable, yes, but not really meaning anything too major out of it. After all, this is the child that made it perfectly clear to HawtWife and I that she was more than content to skip naps when it suited her. And she’s a little girl who has also been largely content to sit in her own dirty diaper, because the thought of getting it changed was terrible. Sure, it was totally different if we were taking off the old diaper so that she could get a bath, but, other than that, all bets were off.

So, needless to say, when I noticed that Nugget was starting to do these two things, I didn’t put too much stock into it. Interesting, sure, but there’s always that chance that she’s just being a curious toddler, wandering around and finding what she can get her hands on. The diapers have been within easy reach (because HawtWife and I are a lot of things, but foolishly wanting to dig for diapers in a time of need is not one of them), so it just seemed logical that she would have found a new “toy”, and I should just thank my lucky stars that she was bringing clean ones out to play with.

Yeah, about that. Apparently, the child who would fight and complain for most diaper changes is now trying to let us know when she needs to be changed. This new activity of going into her room and getting a diaper? It’s her non-verbal way of saying, “Um, dude? I’m uncomfortable, and you need to get working on this”. Same thing with the bed experience. If she’s crawling into the bed of her own freewill, Nugget is saying that it’s time for her to get a little shut-eye. It may only be a 10-minute catnap, but she needs to power down for a little bit, and she’s just letting us know that she feels it’s time.

This is honestly pretty darned cool, and kind of impressive. Again, it wasn’t that long ago that either of these activities were met with resistance. Now, she’s understanding enough about her own personal state that she’s letting us know when it needs to change. This is totally freeing me up from spending inordinate amounts of time guessing what exactly she’s trying to drive at, and actually spend time now just having fun, with pauses caused by her making it clear that the status needs to be altered.

I suppose it really was only a matter of time. After all, this is the same kid that has spent the last month or so letting us know that she’s done with dinner by putting the food into her mouth, smiling, and then pushing it out with her tongue, letting it dribble down her chin. Yes, it would be nicer if she was explaining all of this stuff with words, but, hey Marcel Marceau was able to communicate without speaking, so maybe my daughter will be the same.

Except for that whole “babble until you run out of air” thing that she does. Looks like words will be necessary after all.


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