The Nugget Chronicles: Installing First Birthday; 91.67% Complete

Well hello. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Clearly, my idea that I’d have a lot more time to write once I started being a stay-at-home father was an incorrect one. That isn’t a bad thing, because I’ve definitely gotten to spend a ton of time with the amazing Nugget, and, well, time spent with her is worth far more than clicking away at the computer. Right now, she’s napping peacefully next to me, so it seems like as good a time as any to brush off whatever cobwebs built up around here and get a new post out.

And wow. It’s been 11 months. Almost a full trip around the calendar. That’s how long Nugget has been out and about in our lives. Well, truth be told, for HawtWife it’s been quite a bit longer, but, well, it’s been 11 months for me and anyone who wasn’t carrying Nugget inside of their body. It’s a little odd to think that, one year ago, we were wondering if she’d end up being born the same day as her cousin, despite the difference in due dates. One year ago, we were curious if Nugget was going to make HawtWife’s place as a bridesmaid an awkward one. Heck, one year ago, we weren’t even 100% certain that the name we’d landed on was the name we were going to give her.

Today, she turns 11 months old, and it’s amazing. What was once just a lump of baby is now adventuring wherever she can crawl to, is walking with assistance, and is babbling up a storm. She’s turning out to be a very sweet person, who clearly loves her parents, and she’s getting past her stranger anxiety to find new friends in the adult world (it helps that so many of the adults in her life look like comic book characters, with colorful hair and pictures on their skin). Nugget has become so very strong, and passionate about the things that she likes. She isn’t afraid to express herself. Sure, there are some things that maybe we wish were being done differently, but, all told, we’ve got an amazing little lady who just keeps surprising us every day.

Soon, we’ll be able to celebrate her first full year of life. It’s an event that she won’t really understand, but I’m hoping she enjoys it, either way. We’ll be able to look back over her first 12 months, to remember the joys and the scary moments (if you don’t have scary moments as a parent, you probably should think about spending a little more time with your kids). And we’ll look ahead to the next year, and the ones that follow.

There are times when I look around at the world, and the things that are happening, and I’m left feeling concerned or scared for the future. I wonder how on earth I could want to raise a daughter with the direction society appears to be taking. There are injustices seemingly around every corner, and I worry about what that’ll mean to Nugget as she grows up.

Then I take a step back. I look at my daughter. I see the strong woman she’s already starting to become. I see her empathy flowing around her. I watch the way she is absorbing her environment, and the passion she already is showing to change it to better suit her needs. And I stop worrying. I know that she’s going to be just fine. And, because of her, I know that I’m going to continue to be better.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be the guy who used to never cry at things, but now can’t stop but getting emotional anytime there’s a cute father/daughter video being shared around social media (like, for example, the dad going on a date with his little girl). I’m going to continue to try to make sure that she sees good examples for how to live all around her (and I’m going to be leaning heavily on plenty of friends to ensure that). And I’m going to continue to be amazed.

After all, if this is how much I’ve changed over the last 11 months, I can’t wait to see who she turns me into over the next few years.


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