The Nugget Chronicles: Empathy Baby

Wow. It’s been awhile. It’s not that I haven’t had plenty of things I could be writing about… it’s just that I’ve been so embroiled in this whole parenting thing, that I just haven’t taken the time to log in and get new stuff down on the virtual page. Heck, the last post was almost a month ago. But today, Nugget hits the 10-month mark, so that seems like as good a time as any to make another post. And, while this past month has definitely been full of lots of interesting things in Nugget’s life, today’s story is about something that happened last night.

See, with the whole me staying at home thing that we’ve had going on, when HawtWife is home, I’m usually an afterthought in Nugget’s little world. This makes sense. Not only do I not provide her the delicious milk that she wants, but I get bored with myself after a couple of hours. She’s been stuck with me for months, which means that she’s probably pretty bored with me, too. Sure, if HawtWife isn’t around, I’m pretty cool, but the minute that she hears her mother’s voice, Nugget only has eyes for one of us.

Well, normally. And that was pretty much how last night went for the most part. That is, of course, until The Incident.

Along with being 10 months old, Nugget is also actively working on getting more teeth. She’s had her bottom two for awhile, and her first top teeth are starting to come in (slowly, painfully, but surely). The teeth are going to be giant and crooked, thanks to genetics, but we aren’t worrying so much about that right now (that’s clearly a problem for future us, and whatever orthodontist Nugget goes to). With the teeth starting to peek out, there is also the requisite desire to bite things, along with drooling and sticking her tongue out. The biting part came last night, while she was nursing. Needless to say, HawtWife was not amused.

Okay, that’s an understatement. HawtWife was in pain, and she ended up scaring Nugget a bit, just by being firm. Now, we’d had a similar experience months ago, with trying to bite down during a nurse, but Nugget didn’t have any teeth then. There was still a moment of scared baby to deal with, but she went back to nursing, and we did think that, perhaps, that memory would stick with her for awhile, and that maybe we (specifically HawtWife) had dodged a chompy bullet. Last night showed us that, clearly, that wasn’t quite the case. We also foolishly thought that the aftermath would be pretty similar.

Oh, no. Completely untrue. See, this time, when Nugget got scared, there were tears and shrieking and a desire to get away. And Nugget was upset, too. She tapped into her sonic shrieks, bellowing them through all of the tears, but making sure to position her mouth right next to my ear for every new wail. This moment alone was odd, because generally, when Nugget has wanted comfort, I’ve been day-old muffins, but this time, she needed me. And, for almost the next hour, every time that we tried to get her back to HawtWife, it would lead to another round of crying. And shrieking. Eventually, she was lured back to HawtWife through a combination of games, books, and fun, and things returned to normal, but, for a bit, I was the only thing that could calm Nugget.

Now, I clearly don’t want Nugget to go through these experiences too often, but it did feel kind of neat to be the parent she turned to. Hopefully, this is laying the groundwork for a long life of trusting her father.

Just as long as she doesn’t ask science questions. I mean, I’ll clearly have to make up answers for those questions.


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