The Nugget Chronicles: Hyper Octopus

So, sometime in the last 48 hours, Nugget must have gone through a couple of growth spurts. One was physical, and one was mental. The physical one was accompanied by gaining almost half of a pound. The mental one was accompanied by deciding that there’s even more that she can do, and, clearly, because she can, she MUST.

It’s a common joke that trying to get a baby dressed is like taking an octopus, slathering it in oil, and then trying to figure out how to get all eight legs into the clothes in the right places. That’s not entirely true. See, babies generally aren’t oily (unless BP has been around them). So the slippery part isn’t the common thread, although they are awfully full of wiggles and not really wanting to be held on to. It’s more like taking an octopus, getting it hopped up on caffeine, sugar, and cocaine, and then hoping beyond hope that it’ll have a momentary lapse of energy long enough to get it dressed.

Well, now that Nugget has clearly gained a level in Baby, you may as well add meth to the description above. She’s only taken one nap today, and gone on an adventure, which is generally the recipe for a sleepy, cuddly baby that just wants to be somewhat lumpish. However, Nugget is currently deciding that everything is the most fun of all. She’s pulling herself up when things are slightly above her head. If they’re just slightly out of reach, she’ll drag herself forward on her elbows, letting her feet drag behind her. Heck, even a package of diapers, which has never been the most interesting thing in the world before, lead to a ton of amusement.

Don’t get me wrong. I am loving that she’s decided to fully embrace all of the things that her brain is currently grasping. I’m digging that she’s still of the belief that books are some of the best toys she’s ever seen. And I’m just enthralled that she’s really becoming mobile, which gives her the ability to follow us around the room (and, before I realize it, run away from us when she’s done something she isn’t supposed to). It’s just that I’m not sure I’m 100% in favor of her not really resting that much through the day. Heck, even the car, which used to be a guaranteed nap-delivery-tool, has now become little more than a moving playpen.

Oh no. We’re going on a big roadtrip here soon. She’s going to be awake. All. Night. Long.

I hope there’s a lot of 24-hour gas stations between here and there. Otherwise I’ll never make it.

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