The Nugget Chronicles: Call and Answer

Recently, we’ve been noticing Nugget reacting to certain stimuli in fairly predictable fashions. For example, when presented with a toy that she really wants, she’ll generally squeal with delight and try to fit it into her mouth. When she is offered food while hungry, she unhinges her jaw, and tries to fit it all into her mouth. When the dog walks into her line of sight, she, yup, tries to fit it all into her mouth.

Nugget seems to be somewhat orally focused.

Now, aside from all of that, there hasn’t been a ton that we’ve been able to get her to do in response to stimuli. Sure, she’ll sometimes go along with our little schemes, but she likes to remind us that she is clearly not our monkey, and Nugget is her own person. Which is why a small, seemingly insignificant incident from last night was so very cool.

She’s actively engaging in her first real call and response activity. And it’s freaking adorable.

See, to trigger this particular reaction, all we need to do is ask her if she’s winning. There are certain tones of voice that make the reaction more likely, but, generally, when Nugget is asked if she’s winning, she smiles her biggest smile and throws her arms in the air, tiny fists clenched in celebration. Sometimes it’s just one arm, but the smile is ever-present.

Before you start thinking that we’re just hallucinating this entire thing, the whole “call and response” was witnessed by friends as well. Of course, these friends were quick to point out the similar sounds, at least to a baby’s hearing, between “winning” and “waffles”, and are trying to get Nugget to respond the same to “waffles”, but they saw it.

Honestly, I prefer this call and response more than the previous ones, because it’s finally Nugget responding. Instead of HawtWife and myself leaping to action when we hear specific things from Nugget, we now have the ability to get a somewhat conditioned response from her.

Clearly, this will only come to true fruition when we bring Nugget to sporting events in the future. Given that we live in Minnesota, we might not get to use the phrase “winning” without “the other team is” all that often, but it’s something to hope for.

At least, until she finds the next thing to try and put into her mouth.


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