The Nugget Chronicles: Not Even Her Final Form

So, these past almost 9 months have been pretty tremendous. There have been a ton of things that we’ve seen Nugget go through, from figuring out how to flip over the first time to being able to start propelling herself forward. From only really having the capacity to cry to being able to babble with purpose (we still don’t understand her, but it’s clear she has a purpose). From filling up diapers with something not of this earth to… um… that one really hasn’t changed much.

One of the biggest changes thus far has been watching her become a tiny little human being.

No, seriously. Babies, when newborn, tend to fall into one of two distinctive groupings. On one hand, you’ve got the blob-like lumps, chubby, without a lot of distinguishing features. They’re kind of amorphous, and, as a parent, you’re pretty sure that, if you don’t watch carefully, they will actually be able to ooze through cracks in the foundation of your house. One the other hand, you’ve got the newborns that start out life looking like tiny little old men (doesn’t matter if they’re baby boys or baby girls, they’ll still look like tiny old men). While these children can be endless fun by giving them false eyebrows and a cigar for photo ops, there’s just something about their world-weary expressions, coupled with wrinkly brows, that makes them seem like they’re real-life Benjamin Buttons.

Of course, not all babies fall into those categories. There are some amorphous, yet rail-thin babies out there. There are chubby little old men, who look like Winston Churchill after a good meal. And there are babies that can’t really be described in any easy words, other than “newborn”. The two examples described above seem to just be the most common forms that newborn children take.

Nugget fell into the amorphous blob category. She’s got cheeks that go on for days, and they were certainly in full effect right after birth. Her arms and legs definitely looked like little tubes stuck to the sides of a much larger tube, all of which was wrapped in rubber bands. Well, over the past 9 months, she’s been transitioning from “blob” to “tiny person”. Not just personality-wise (although that did play a part, as well… she didn’t have a whole lot in the ways of desires right from the get go, other than food, sleep, and clean pants), but in the physical. As she’s been developing her strong personality, complete with plenty of time already practicing the concept of manipulation (because she knows Daddy’s a giant sucker who will generally fall for it each and every time), her limbs have been looking more and more like arms and legs. Her fingers and toes actually look like they have purpose. Her feet is starting to slowly thin out, to the point where we can consider putting her into shoes. And her head isn’t just sitting on top of her torso, as a strong, defined neck has taken charge and created some space between her chin and her breastbone.

I know that babies go through a lot more drastic change before they actually enter the world, but these changes, this slow transformation into personhood, has been fascinating to watch, and I also know that it isn’t done. While I can start to see the little girl that Nugget is going to be, I can’t be positive, because she’s still got so many changes to go through. There are elements of the future woman that she’ll be as well, but those could just be in the facial expressions she’s enjoyed employing when she’s either trying to flirt or con her way into something she doesn’t need.

As long as her smile only changes by her getting (and subsequently losing, and regaining) more teeth. Because, when Nugget smiles, she gets me every darned time.


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