The Nugget Chronicles: Trials of a Zen Baby

One thing that we’ve definitely noticed about Nugget over her time here is how rarely she gets upset about things. We’re really incredibly lucky in this, because it means that we very rarely have a baby in full meltdown mode. Of course, there are times where it might be nice if she did fuss a little bit more, because then we’d have an idea of when something is wrong (like, for example, when she’s not feeling well), but, truth be told, we wouldn’t change our baby’s attitude for the world.

This past weekend was actually a good example of just how mellow and calm Nugget is about everything. After having a busy day on Friday, a day where she really didn’t nap much, we proceeded to have another action-packed day on Saturday. Well, not really action-packed for us adults, but, for a baby who is rapidly trying to get through a few developmental milestones, it was pretty busy. This means that, after not really napping on Friday, Nugget decided she was going to be SUPER AWAKE on Saturday as well.

To be clear, she did catch small naps both days. She happened to catch about 10 minutes of shut-eye during the day each of those days. Basically, shortly before we got out of the car to wherever we were going, she zonked out, only to awaken as soon as the car was stopped, reverting her to full energy mode. Admittedly, she did end up going to sleep for the night a little bit early both Friday and Saturday, but nothing too drastic.

Here’s the thing about these experiences, though. Because her brain is going so fast trying to process everything going on in her little world, rest is the furthest thing from her mind. And yet, instead of completely falling apart, wailing at the top of her lungs, and only being able to be comforted by getting a nipple stuck in her mouth, she’s been pretty happy and bouncy. Once again, she’s taken the perspective of “I’ve chosen this path, and I will accept the consequences”. Sunday was a little more usual (although she did get to experience warmth and humidity for the first time, so that, combined with being surrounded by lots of activity, might have taken a lot out of her), so it’s not like she’s decided to switch off naps entirely. She’s clearly just going to pick her times.

Speaking of picking her times, yesterday was clearly not a time she picked. HawtWife and I decided that we were going to spend a day of being irresponsible (in an ultimately responsible way), so we dropped Nugget off at a back-up daycare for the day, while we went out for an adult movie day (adults watching movies, not watching adult movies… I don’t even know if those theaters still exist). At the end of the day, we went back and picked up our adorable daughter, who had decided that she was apparently not really going to eat (at all), and also that naps were clearly in the realm of the lame. And yet, after a day without her parents, surrounded by strangers, seemingly on a self-imposed hunger and sleep strike, she was more than content. She was happy and bouncy and playing with other babies, without a care in the world. Even after we picked her up, she wasn’t super into eating (this changed when we got home), and, while her bedtime got pushed earlier in the night by the fact she just couldn’t keep her eyes open, there just were no moments of panic or freaking out. She just rolled with all of her choices, and didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

Honestly, this is something that both HawtWife and I aspire to, although I’m not sure either of us really realized it before Nugget got here. It would be awesome to not really have stuff bother us, and instead pretty much embrace happiness in all aspects of life. I mean, it’s not like we break down into a mess of tears when things get a little rough, but, some days, having Nugget’s resilience would be a major benefit.

Of course, if we have to lack the capacity for language, it might not be worth it. That said, I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that Nugget will be fine even after she starts getting a firm grasp on words. After all, if she doesn’t maintain her mellow nature, how on earth is she going to fool us into giving her a sibling?

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