The Nugget Chronicles: Sunny Days

We live in the upper Midwest. This means that, from the time that Nugget was born, we steadily watched the weather get worse and worse. We’d taken her for walks when she was still super tiny (relatively speaking, as our daughter has never really been “tiny”), but those all happened so soon after she was born, there was no way she was going to remember. Consequently, she probably was starting to feel as though the world was always shrouded in white, and was so cold that, if she wasn’t bundled up in a way that she couldn’t move her limbs, then she probably wasn’t leaving the house.

Needless to say, the fact that spring finally, truly arrived recently has been pretty nice for us all. It means that we can have windows open to help air the house out of some of the dull air that accumulates over the winter. This has had the added benefit of creating a bit of a breeze to move curtains around, which Nugget finds endlessly fascinating. We’ve been able to take her for walks again, and she’s had a lot of fun trying to examine the different colors that the world has to offer. Soon enough, we’ll actually have some time where she can hang out outside while things like yard work get done.

That’s a catch, though. See, one of the things that Nugget inherited from HawtWife is incredibly pale skin. Couple that with her currently blonde hair and her currently blue eyes, and she’s just screaming for the sun to visit its wrath upon her. Yes, she’ll end up becoming good friends with sunscreen, and yes, we’re planning on taking other steps to keep her from turning into a crispy little child, but some of those require her cooperation.

Take, for example, yesterday afternoon. We took the afternoon to go and visit HawtWife at her work over her lunch break. After some indoor time (complete with many many people cooing over Nugget, which she clearly enjoys), we decided that we would go and enjoy the outside a bit. We hit one of the local plazas, sat around, and just enjoyed our time. We took Nugget out of her stroller, to let her stretch her legs a bit (she’s not quite crawling or walking yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened soon), and, to help keep the sun off of her incredibly fair skin, we put a cute little baby hat on her little melon.

I suddenly understand the purpose behind elastic bands attached to hats.

Seriously, we barely had the hat on her when she decided that she needed to whip it off. Now, for a child that shrinks away from the sunlight every time she sees it directly, this seemed to be a bit of a surprise, except for the whole fact that Nugget proves, on a regular basis, that she is not our monkey. She is going to do whatever she wants when she wants, within reason. This is why I’ve seen her clap her hands, and HawtWife hasn’t even gotten the first hint of a glimpse of it. So, instead of wearing her hat, Nugget decided it was more fun to play with, and potentially eat.

The ironic thing? Once she was back inside and out of the sun, she made it clear that she DID like her hat on her head, and held it there at a jaunty angle. It actually took some doing to get the hat back from her at that point.

So yes, my fair daughter apparently has decided on her own that maybe, just maybe, the sun isn’t so bad. We’ll keep working on the hat thing, and trying to keep her shaded. We’ll try and explain to Nugget that the sun, while nice, really needs to be absorbed in moderation.

That said, she’s a Minnesotan. We haven’t been able to enjoy the sun in quite some time, so it’s only natural to want to soak up as much as possible. After all, we could get another snowstorm next week.


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