The Nugget Chronicles: Saving Daylight

So, this past weekend, as social media proceeded to complain about ALL DAY SUNDAY, we “lost” an hour. Given that time is a somewhat fluid concept, we didn’t really “lose” the hour, it just shoved everything around. Say what you will about Daylight Savings Time, but one thing it continues to do is to keep people on their toes, and give them something to pepper social media with twice a year. It’s like the Oscars, without the dresses or the self-congratulatory nature.

Meanwhile, here in our little household, Nugget experienced her first “spring forward”. Now, when the whole “fall back” hit, she was still super tiny, and didn’t have a concept of a schedule. Well, a lot has changed since that “gained” hour. Nugget has been doing a decent job being on a schedule. She’s been going to sleep around the same time every night, waking up around the same time every morning, and even her naps have been somewhat consistent (this is starting to change, but that’s largely because she’s getting to the point where she abandons her third nap to really only soak up two REALLY good ones). So what’s the best thing to possibly happen?

Change the clocks!

Now, I get that Daylight Savings Time used to serve a purpose, and still might. However, since we’ve “sprung forward”, our adorable child who used to be down for the count without much difficulty generally around 8:30 is staying awake until 9:30 or later. We can try and get her to sleep at the old time, but she just looks at us and says (with her eyes, because she is still missing words) “Guys, it’s only 7:30. I clearly have another hour of playtime”. Compound this with our being unused to her later (according to the clocks) bedtime, and it means that we’ve missed the window both of the last two nights (I’ve talked about the window… if you don’t get your kid asleep during that time, good luck with the rest of your night). So Nugget has been SUPER EXCITED AND TALKING ALL OF THE SYLLABLE SHE KNOWS (no, I didn’t miss a pluralization there) until at least 11 the last couple of nights. On the flip side, she hasn’t wanted to really wake up to stay awake until around 10 in the morning (she doesn’t sleep the entire time straight, but she’s pretty content getting back to sleep soon… she inherited that from me), so it’s not like she’s not getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, it does mean that HawtWife’s sleep schedule is being infringed upon. I’ve tried to help out where I can, but there’s just some things that mom can do that dad can’t (specifically, one key thing).

So yeah, it’s been kind of an interesting trip. See, we thought we could use the dog as an example for how Nugget would react to the time change, but, well, the dog is generally pretty good about doing things on OUR schedule. Nugget has her own schedule, and her internal clock clearly did not spring forward with the rest of us, so we get to figure out how to adjust her back, bit by bit.

At this rate, I’m NEVER going to let her set the time on the microwave.


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