The Nugget Chronicles: Getting a Recharge

So, my new life in this world of parenthood being my only job has had a little overlap with Nugget’s final week of daycare, giving me some time to honestly ease into the transition. Not that there was really a lot of easing that needed to happen, but it was nice to basically treat a lot of this week as some sort of a vacation, since it’s one of the last times where there will be extended hours away from Nugget until she starts school. Plus, not going to lie, but it was kind of nice that this final week of daycare time overlapped with my birthday.

So yes, while Nugget was away being cared for by others, HawtWife and I spent the entire day out and about, adulting. We saw movies (going from the super-adult to the totally-kid-friendly-but-still-good-for-adults). We ate terrible (for us) food. We actually cuddled. Oh my god, you guys, we had some time to just sit, enjoy the company of our spouse, and not worry about how long it would be before we had to get up and feed or change or play with Nugget.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore Nugget, and, once we picked her up from daycare, it really kicked off the point where I realized that I was having the best birthday I’ve had in a long time, and that she was a major factor in that. Maybe it was the way she “helped” me unwrap my gifts (for those unaware, baby unwrapping is pretty much just an attempt to get all of the tissue paper into their mouths). Maybe it was just being able to snuggle with her, and know that, at this point in my life, she really is the most important thing I’ve done. All that said, sometimes you need to recharge your batteries.

See, no matter how much you love your baby, you need time away. And, provided that you and the co-parent are still on speaking terms, you need time away together. You need to be able to reconnect with that person, in no small part to remember why you wanted to make a baby with them in the first place. Think of it as having the most awesome third wheel possible. Most of the time, you really enjoy their company, and you’re enthralled with every story about pooping themselves that they can muster. But, with some exceptions, you need that extra friend to go away once in awhile so that you can get your private, quiet time.

Now, admittedly, for HawtWife and I yesterday, our “quiet time” was spent with explosions, dance breaks, and plenty of jokes. That’s honestly partially because there isn’t any really good horror out in theaters near us right now (otherwise, no baby and a day to ourselves? Bring on the gore!), and partially because a big part of our relationship and connecting with each other has been around movies. Nugget is getting old enough that she’s not likely to sleep through a film, while being far too young to be staring up at a ginormous screen, with surround-sound blasting at rock concert levels, so it’s an experience we haven’t gotten a lot of since she was born. It was nice to get the time to spend, doing something we love, while also knowing that Nugget is safe and secure.

See, without recharging every once in awhile, you’ll burn out. You may find yourself starting to resent this amazing person that’s in your life, for all of the things that you can’t do anymore. And that’s just a dangerous path to walk down. It isn’t serving you, the other parent in the relationship, and most of all isn’t serving the child. I didn’t leave my job to spend time resenting Nugget. I left it to spend as much time as possible with her, watching and helping her grow. And yes, while today is the last day of “vacation” I’ll see for awhile, Nugget and I already have plans. Heck, we’re going to the zoo tomorrow, because why not?

Eventually, there will be moments where Nugget, HawtWife and I all get together and go see movies. And there will definitely be times when HawtWife and I entrust Nugget to someone else, so that we can go off and make sure we keep our connection to each other. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure that I’ve recently seen something that, when she’s a little older, Nugget will love watching on endless repeat.

I mean, kids like movies about anchormen, right?



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