The Nugget Chronicles: Go To Sleep

There comes a point in every parent’s life (I can only assume) where they have to make a tough decision with regards to their precious, newborn child. That decision, for us, came about a month or so ago, and HawtWife and I truly did struggle with our thoughts before we landed on a workable solution. Not to say that it’s always been easy, but, sometimes, you have to give up on your preconceived notions about what is best, and, once you’ve reconfigured your thoughts, you’ll generally land on something that, while maybe not ideal, certainly opens the door to more solace.

We’ve retreated from Operation: Get the Baby to Sleep in the Crib.

Not to say that it’s been a total loss. Far from it. We can still put Nugget into her crib when there’s a need, and, truth be told, she’s far more comfortable there than she was originally. At first, we couldn’t go more than five feet away from her bedroom door without hearing the cries of a very angry baby, who had clearly been abandoned, with only wolves to find her and guide her to the promised land. Over time, we slowly extended that distance all the way up to 15 feet, and we might have even been able to consider closing her door most of the way before the tiny little banshee wail erupted from her.

Okay, so it wasn’t really that bad. We actually had moments of quiet where we could sit alone in our living room. Or we could catch a couple of hours of shut-eye, only dealing with an persnickety dog.

That’s the thing, though. The longer we tried to get Nugget to sleep in her crib, the more it seemed like, while we’d made some incremental gains, we weren’t going to ultimately win this battle. At least, not without scars. So many scars. See, both HawtWife and I are big fans of sleep (generally, Nugget has inherited this trait from us). I may not fall asleep early, but I do tend to sleep like a corpse once I’m out. HawtWife, on the other hand, tends to be more easily roused, but also has an easier time falling asleep. Unfortunately for her, this meant that every little noise Nugget would make in the night would wake HawtWife up. Fortunately for both of them, most of those noises were because Nugget was alone, scared, and wanted to be comforted, which, truth be told, HawtWife is far better at, especially when Nugget is truly riled up. The takeaway? Nugget was waking up every couple of hours (at most), and needing her mom there to provide comfort and sustenance, which would lead to at least 15 minutes awake, before falling asleep to repeat the cycle. Oddly enough, during the day, she would be totally fine sleeping in her crib, but nighttime is apparently the worst.

Well, folks, we fought this battle, and we fought hard. However, when it became clear that Nugget would only allow HawtWife to get an uninterrupted 3 hours of sleep every other weekend during Lent, we had to break down. So, yes, Nugget has moved back into our room with us. This has actually been highly beneficial for all, as Nugget is sleeping more restfully, which allows HawtWife to get more of her much needed rest, and I get to feel useful. See, now that she’s back to sleeping in our room (for the time being), it isn’t always HawtWife that can calm Nugget back down to sleep. Truth be told, we’ve started to joke that I apparently emit some sort of baby chloroform. It doesn’t work when Nugget is incredibly riled up (which isn’t a surprise), but if she’s only a little bit crazy, I can just tuck her against me, and before too long, she’ll pass out cold. In her sleep, she’ll reach out to make sure she knows where I am almost as much as she makes sure she knows where HawtWife is. And, in the mornings, Nugget and I get to have some cuddle time while HawtWife goes about getting herself ready to face the day. Sure, I’m not always completely conscious for those cuddle times, but they happen, and that’s the important part. Nugget’s asleep too, so I’m betting they’re pretty adorable.

Yes, we pulled back on our mission to put Nugget into her crib, and let her come back to where she feels safe. That isn’t a bad thing, even if it is sometimes an awkward one. We just came to the realization that she wasn’t quite ready to sleep on her own, and, to save us all from going a little crazy, we needed to open up the potential of her returning back to her comfort level. We’ll resume the crib mission again at a later date, but, for now, we’re pretty darned happy that we’ve got our sleeping baby back.

We’ll just have to see if we share that same sentiment if she chooses to come live with us after college.


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