The Nugget Chronicles: Got Personality

Now that Nugget has eclipsed her 6 months of life on this planet (at least, on the outside), it’s time for her to start really displaying some personality characteristics. Don’t get me wrong. Babies generally start displaying a personality pretty much right away, but a lot of that isn’t carefully crafted to the situation. They simply don’t have the awareness to do so. It’s when they get more aware of their world, and the things happening around them, that they can start to develop a deeper personality, or at least do things that either amuse them, or are an attempt to amuse the adults in their life.

Take, for example, the Tuesday that was just a couple of days ago. The time is right around 5:30, and I’m getting Nugget from her daycare. There are couple of other babies still hanging around waiting for their parents (pretty standard at that time of day). Nugget sees me, and erupts into smiles and laughter. This wouldn’t be all that strange, as she very clearly likes seeing her parents (you should see the reactions HawtWife gets when she comes home from anywhere). However, while Nugget was laughing, the other babies were all crying. Without fail. Every single one, a ball of tears. And, amidst the crying, there’s my lovely, charming, considerate daughter, laughing her fool head off. I get that her laughter was triggered by seeing me, but it still made for an amusing, if unsettling moment.

Now flash forward to the next morning. I’m not involved in this story, because, well, mornings. Blech. But what follows is the experience HawtWife had while dropping off Nugget for her day. HawtWife did her necessary tasks at the daycare, and made a point of wishing Nugget a good day, complete with what I can only assume was an adorable kiss on the cheek. As HawtWife was leaving the daycare, the babies all turned and stared, seemingly in awe of this woman who dropped Nugget off (I get that, I’m pretty in awe of HawtWife myself). Well, all of the babies except for one. See, Nugget had figured out that she was going to get breakfast soon. Who needs their mother when there’s pureed fruit available? So yes, basically, Nugget ignored her mother all for the sake of stuffing her face. Which is amusing, because breakfast is not the meal she dives into with the most gusto.

Of course, this is a child that has decided that the mirror is cool, but trying to eat her bouncer is far more entertaining. I get that one, though. The bouncer is much more colorful.

These are just a couple of examples of the personality that Nugget is starting to display, and, really, they’re some of the funnier ones. Truth be told, she’s a very sweet kid, is already learning about petting the dog nicely, seems to enjoy sharing with her friends, and has definitely displayed some empathic moments with regards to other babies. She’s also generally a big smiler, laughs all the time, and, when something has caught her attention, has found a way to make her eyes open to approximately dinner plate size. She’s slowly figuring out who she is, and it’s a voyage that is clearly going to continue for the rest of her life.

Sure, she’ll be positive that she’s got it all figured out multiple times before then, but she’ll figure out the truth behind that belief eventually. Unless we’re talking about playing Daddy for a fool. In which case, she’s already solid there.


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