The Nugget Chronicles: Half-Way There

Last Thursday was one of those big moments in Nugget’s first year. It was the day that we took her to a pretty good gyro place.

Okay, fine, so we took her to the gyro place because it was close to her pediatrician’s office. And she had to have her 6-month check-up. So, really, the gyros were a reward for her for doing so well at the doctor’s office.

Yeah, never mind the fact that her solid food is really more of a gooey plasma state of being, and not truly solid. So maybe she didn’t have gyros. She watched as HawtWife and I had gyros, and that counts for something, right? Something delicious in our bellies? Right?

Oh, anyway, back to her appointment. You know, also known as the real reason for today’s entry.

Yes, Nugget had her 6-month appointment last week. These are always fun, because, not only do we get to make sure that she’s healthy, and not only do we get informed about things that we might be able to expect coming up in the next few months, but we get to see how she’s doing in the overall growing thing. You know, seeing where she lies in percentiles for her weight, her height, and her head size. Nugget keeps hitting high marks in all of these categories, with none of them slipping below the 90th percentile. Clearly, we’ve got a big, healthy baby on our hands. This was her first appointment where she actually got to sit in the scale (I’m sure she wasn’t anywhere near as thrilled as I was), and, well, any concerns about her not getting enough food are gone. See, it’s recommended that babies get to about double their birth weight by the time that they hit 6 months of age. Nugget has eclipsed that. Not by a lot, mind you, but, given that she started out life as a pretty big baby, and given that we sometimes think she isn’t getting quite enough food, we had some concerns that she’d reach that magic mark. Reach it and surpass it she did, though. Obviously, she’s eating plenty.

They also do a head measurement. While her head isn’t off the charts, I do feel a little sad for her. She’s got a big old melon on top of her neck. She’s clearly inherited that from her father, who sometimes has difficulty finding hats that fit. On the plus side, what was once somewhat conical, and holding flat spots, has rounded out pretty well. Maybe she’ll have inherited that from her father as well, who can actually pull off a bald look without too much difficulty. Not that I’m saying Nugget should go bald, but, well, it’s nice to keep the options open.

Finally, with regards to length, I’m a little concerned that the might have gotten the wrong measurement. Well, that one of the measurements was wrong. See, they took two. They were so freaked out by how far off the chart she was on the first measurement that they took a second one, which cut down her length by about an inch. Still off of the chart, but not freakishly so. And that’s where I’m concerned, but not enough to worry overly much about it. See, we’ve been watching Nugget’s growth ourselves, and we were pretty sure she was right around that 30″ mark. So, when she was measured over 29″, we weren’t terribly surprised (admittedly, we didn’t know that was apparently baby Dikembe Mutombo territory). But the doctors wanted to be sure, so they remeasured her.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with how babies get measured, at least for Nugget, they lay the baby down, and mark where the top of the head is on a piece of paper. They then stretch the baby out, and mark where the bottom of the foot is. The baby is then moved, and a measuring tape is laid out. Well, for Nugget, they took her measurements, and I’m pretty certain that the second go-around didn’t actually get her fully stretched out (clearly, the usual “I’m tickling your tummy to get your legs flat” trick wasn’t going to work in this situation). This lead to the inch being removed. So, yes, officially, Nugget is just over 28″, but I’m still pretty sure she’s over 29″.

Thank goodness HawtWife and I know some tall women who can help Nugget navigate her way through life. And to remind her that sometimes she has to duck when walking through doorways.


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